Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meditation & Lots of Food!

I’m back! This time with stories about Meditating with Buddhists, Reminders on America the Beautiful, and lots of food! So get comfy and buckle up!

May 16th
Monday was another great P-day! We spent most of our day in a small town called Wigtown doing service for our Buddhist friend Eric and his cool grandson Norman from the Netherlands. It was lots and lots of yard work! I was in charge of disposal. In other wards I got to make a massive bonfire and kept it going! It was the first time in ages I had a good fire, it felt amazing! I happened to singe off some eyebrows and a couple of eye lashes... oh well, it’s all part of the experience right? Before we left they fed us some fantastic authentic Indonesian food! It was a bit spicy but it still had me going back for seconds.

May 17th
We started the day off with a solid district meeting in Ayr. We focused on finding and what it means to be a finisher. I was really happy with the way it all went! After district meeting we went to a garage and got a new tire (it’s a miracle we even got to Ayr on the Spare!) Then we were off to another little town called new Luce where we taught our new friend Tina the Restoration. The lesson went really well but she is having trouble excepting the book of Mormon, saying that it is adding scripture to the bible. We explained what it’s all about really well to her, and she said she would pray about it, so we came out happy. We will be meeting with her again this Wednesday! We also got the opportunity to chase around her sheep, so that was fun! After the lesson we had a Hymn singing activity with the branch where Elder Wilson and I convinced everyone to sing the Star Spangled Banner! It was a very proud moment for me!

May 18th
In the morning we had an appointment fall through so it left plenty of time for finding, we also tried by Martin! Apparently he's been of f the drink for almost a week now! He was talking 100 miles an hour and kept accidently switching to Czech and not even noticing! Ha!  After that little experience we met up with Emma and had a fantastic lesson with her on the Scriptures. She is still struggling to understand the Book of Mormon but we promised her that as she continued to try and pray about it, that God would help her understand. We also saw J and A today. They had us in and then I realized that they're both drunk again... Amy kept falling asleep and J was just going on and on about weird conspiracy theories so we just kinda slipped out! We probably won’t be seeing them again for a while. The big talk of the town in the American Circus that is in Stranraer! Apparently they come once every other year and it’s a pretty big deal. We went with a recent convert and investigator to check it out and it was so American it was unreal! I don't know if I've ever seen so much red white and blue in my life! It was like a dream come true!   

May 19th
We started Thursday off with coordination meeting then met up with Tia and taught the Plan of Salvation. The Plan of Salvation is probably my favorite lesson to teach, the spirit is always so strong! The only struggle was that we met down by the ocean and it was super cold and windy! The Branch President and his family also had us over for kebabs today! Those things will be the death of my someday... We finished up the night by going on splits and visiting some less actives. Less Actives are frustrating creatures but we love them anyway.

May 20th
Friday was one heck of an adventure! In the morning our Buddhist friend Eric had us over and took us to a meditation class he does inside a castle! It was fun stuff! After we were done meditating we asked him about what we were saying and he told us what it all means! Apparently I am about adventure and I am motivated by love. That's cool right? He also told me that I need to learn how to live in the now, whatever that means. He also showed us around to some cool ancient burial mounds and surprised us with lunch. It was quite the surprise because we were going to the McLean’s for Dinner! It was tasty though, spaghetti marinas made with stinging metal! Dinner with the McLean’s was nice too, we had really good curry. I'm pretty sure I gained like 10 pounds today....

May 21st
Started out morning out with more food, pancakes at the McLean’s! What a blessing... Afterwards we taught Emma and Rachel the 10 Commandments and then it was off to the hospital to visit Martin! I'm still not really sure what he's doing there, but he had us go to his flat and get him some socks so he's probably doing better now! Said he should be in there till Friday! Another exciting part of the day was a visit we had with Dave. He seems to be doing a bit better. I'm gonna miss that man!

May 22nd
Sunday was a day of food. In fact it was the first time I've been fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner! In the morning before church we had a full Scottish fry up breakfast with the MacGillvary's! It was so much food... First they gave us cereal, next porridge, and then some toast and yogurt. Thinking that was it I filled myself up. That was a big mistake because next came out a big plate of wonders! There was Haggis, Sausage Slice, sausage Link, Two different types of Hash Browns, Scrambled Eggs, Baked beans and more! I survived it all then took on Church. Church was a good time as always, Rachel joined us today! My favorite part was our gospel principles class, we talk about our Loving Heavenly Father and bore some solid testimony! After church we visited Martin in the hospital again, this time with the Branch President. He's doing a lot better; all he wanted to talk about was the attractive nurses though! Later on President surprised us with Scotch Pies for lunch and about a half an hour later we went to the McLean’s for dinner. I am fat and happy. J

 And there ya have it folks! It’s been an exciting week and I can't wait to see what this one has in store for us! Exciting things are happening and we have lots of lessons lined up with new investigators, so please pray for them. Thank you for all of your prayers, your Father in Heaven loves you, and will always hear your prayers. He is always there to help you on your journey! Stay tunes for moves call next week! Love you all!

 -Elder Cluster

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