Monday, October 26, 2015

Good Things Are Happening!

Dang, this week’s been awesome! It feels like it’s been ages since my last P-day, but that's just because we are starting to have loads of success :)

We had an alright P-day, but a flippin' awesome night! Our lesson with G went perfectly! As soon as we walked her into the chapel, and we all felt the spirit so strongly. I was able to commit her to be baptized on Nov. 14th!!!! It’s so exciting to watch the gospel work in her! We are having another lesson with her tonight, so say another little prayer for us!

Started the day off with a really great District Meeting in Paisley, then had lunch at Burger King with G :) Burger King is rubbish here... if I haven't said that already. But it was loads of fun being able to spend some time with G! As for the rest of the day, we had a lesson fall through so mostly just chapped around. We finished the night off right with a lesson with Saffron though!

We did loads of street contacting in the morning and found a very promising potential named L (Who is now an investigator!) Later we did some service and a less actives house; we uprooted this massive bush in the wind and rain! It was a bonding activity for Elder Clawson and me! I mean, this bush was heavier than me, and I’ve already gained 18 pounds!

We were supposed to have a lesson in the morning, but that fell through.... again.... but that’s alright because the rest of the day was a success! We went down to Paisley and did an exchange (I took Elder Rogers home with me to Greenock!) Elder Rogers is a good guy, he's Australian! We had an extremely spiritual lesson with L..... And committed her to also be baptized on Nov. 14th!! I don't think I’ve ever had a lesson go as perfectly as this one! The Lord is just blessing me left and right! 

Went back to Paisley, just to meet up with Pollock and go on another exchange! This time I took Elder Roylance home with me! Today was an adventure to say the least. We had coordination meeting in Dunoon with bro Cain, but it was so stormy it made the ferry feel like the Tidlewave Ride and Lagoon!! Luckily we made it over alive, but just to be tossed around by the wind while trying to chap! I was happy when we finally made our way over to the Cains where we had a wonderful meal and a meeting. However, getting back home was even more of an adventure! The ferry we originally took was shut down because of the intense waves, so we had to travel down to a different terminal with a much larger boat. (The kind that carry buses and junk!) It was still a bumpy ride, but we made it home safe and sound! Maybe you'll see the crazy video I took one day!

Another windy day.... Still made 20 Pounds begging for money for the British Heart Foundation though! Afterwards we had lunch with the Pollock Elders and unexchanged. We also had another super awesome lesson with Louise! And last but not least.... Saffrons Birthday!! Elder Clawson and I sang beautifully for her ;)

Daylight savings... We got and extra hour of sleep! I woke up feeling like a million bucks! And I’d say pounds, but that probably doesn't feel very good ;) It was Stake Conference today; we traveled down to Paisley with the Cains... and L! We moved mountains to get her there, but all worked out in the end :) Stake conference was packed! It was the most Mormons I’ve seen in one place since my farewell! We got a new Stake Presidency, so that was pretty cool! And guess what? I've officially been out for four months! That's just crazy talk! The time just flies! Everybody warned me of this but I don’t think I really believed them till now!

Well there's the week! This week is going to be even better! Just you wait :) Hope all is going well back home... Drink some A&W in my honor!

With Loads of Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

Monday, October 19, 2015

Scotland's about to see a whole new wrath of missionary work!!

HELLO! Dang, this week went by soo slow for some reason, but that’s okay because we got work done!! Scotland's about to see a whole new wrath of missionary work!


We had P-day with the Higgins! Gavin also drove us around to do our shopping, and went with us to the Morrison’s for the first time! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to survive without them!

Not much happened today, mostly just loads of finding... But we did meet this hilarious man at the bus stop! He was cracking jokes about us going to chap his door, but by the end of the conversation we had a whole crowed of people practically in tears! I don't really understand why everyone thought it was so funny, but I’ll take it! I told each one of them that I was going to track them down and chap on their doors, and that they better let us in!

Zone Interview Training!!!! I saw my Mission President for like the second time in my whole mission, he's a good guy; just wish I could get to know him better! The zone gathered in Irvine and we had a giant conference “thing me”, it was loads of spiritual fun! Elder Clawson and I did a role play in for the zone, it was pretty nerve racking but I think we did great! And the best part of it all... Free KFC!!!!

More finding......... Oh yeah, and they found a bomb in Gourock! I think it was one of those submarine one's that look like a spiky balloon, ya know, like the ones on Finding Nemo! I guess it was left behind from the war, and nobody really noticed it till now... They had to evacuate people to defuse it, so that was pretty exciting.

One heck of a BLITZ in Pollock! The district plus the zone leaders spent the day in Pollock on a blitz (Finding all day) I went off with Elder Tullis and we lit the area on fire!!!!! I’ve never seen so much success in my life! All together as I group we found 27 potential investigators! But that's not all, Elder Tullis and I got let in to a guy’s house that we chapped, we taught him a lesson, and I committed him to baptism!!! #Miracle #Blessed At one point Elder Tullis and I found five potentials in 20 minutes. That’s gotta be some kind of record!!!! I finished off this awesome night by taking Elder Johnson home with me on an exchange. 

Elder Johnson and I begged for money for the British Heart Foundation, did a ton of GQing, then exchanged back to Pollock. After words Elder Clawson and I went down to Dunoon for Coordination meeting. Dang I love that place. 

Church was great; we gave a solid lesson in our Gospel Principles Class and had an amazing sacrament meeting as well! After church we tried by a potential investigator I found the other day, and guess what? She was in and was excited to see us! That doesn’t happen very often! Pray for us, we set up a lesson with her tomorrow :)

As for today we're planning on a pretty relaxed P-day, which is much needed! We also have a lesson with Gemma tonight! I’m stoked; we're going to meet with her in our church instead of the Baptist church this time!!  As far as the weather goes, we've been pretty lucky with avoiding the rain lately. It hasn't been half as bad as when I first arrived :) It's just extremely cold and dark all the time now.... Well that's it for this week :) Thank you for all your prayers, they make all the difference! 

Don't forget, Heavenly Father loves you!!!!        -Elder Brycen Cluster


Monday, October 12, 2015


This week’s email is going to be a little different because I’m extra short on time... The computers at the library were down, so we are taking a quick minute to email using the Higgins laptops!
I'll start this week off with my experience at the great and abominable church! So we were goin' round town talking to anyone and everyone and met this lady named Yavon and made a deal with her that if we went to her church, she would come to ours! And before we knew it, we were in a prayer circle, and everyone was speaking in tongues! It was strange stuff.... quite the experience though! I was happy to get out of there. The worst part is she bailed on coming to the true church... :(

The wonderful Anne Harrison took us out to eat again this week! That’s always a fun treat. Anne is the best!! She says I’m cheeky…. She actually went as far as telling my mom that I’m “Completely and Utterly full of Cheek!” Haha!
Cheeky Boy!

Next up was my exchange with Elder Tullis in Paisley! The exchange was awesome! I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time in Paisley lately... We had a good time, and had an extremely spiritual lesson with Elder Tullis’ recent convert Allen. Allen is a boss! The spirit was so strong we came out on cloud 9! After we left the lesson, I got down on my knees with Elder Tullis in a dark wet field, and thanked Heavenly Father for the experience we had just had.
Saffron's Confirmation was yesterday! Another spiritual Thanksgiving to say the least. Afterwards we had our testimony meeting and the spirit had nearly everyone in tears.
The only other main event was when I found a new starfish friend in Dunoon! I named him Carl and took him home with me :)

Well sorry this one's a bit small, but thanks for all the emails, and most of all thank you for all the prayers! I was reading an MTC talk from Elder Holland and he explained how missionaries are the most prayed for group of people on the earth.... Dang!! #Blessed
Elder Cluster

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference Baby!!!

Hello everyone... it’s been an awesome week! From Baptist church's, to sleepovers in Paisley. I soaked up every minute of it!

9-28 - We had our first lesson with Gemma! Remember, the one I mentioned at the end of last week? It was amazing, but there's a bit of a plot twist... We had it in a Baptist Church cafe in Dunoon... I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty concerned when I realized where she wanted to meet us, but we went for it anyway. Regardless, the spirit was so powerful! I've got some pretty high hopes for this one! We are meeting her again tomorrow, this time in our church! So please be praying for us!   Oh yeah, and I had some killer hot chocolate!

Not really all that eventful... Mostly just chapping doors. One of the members saw us on the street, so he picked us up and we went home teaching with him for a while, that was fun!

9-30Today was crazy fun!! Because it was the week of moves our P-day was today (Wednesday) when I looked out the window this morning I couldn’t see more than a couple yards past our flat! So much fog!!! I loved it! We spent our day along the shores and beaches of Largs... I feel so blessed to live so close to the water. It helped me to clear my mind, and think of the miracles the lord freely gives us every day. All the ones we normally just take for granted and often look past.

More chapping....  I got Burger King!

We did more yard work at that sister's house, I destroyed another bush!! Fun stuff.... Later we took the ferry over to Dunoon and had coordination meeting with bro Cain. I also found out about the lives lost in Oregon. We all need to remember to pray for those families.

Begged for money at the British Heart Foundation... Then went down to Paisley and watched conference!! Conference is amazing, and you get so much more out of it as a missionary. The spirit testified the truthfulness to my heart with every word spoken. That night we got kebabs and spent the night with the Paisley Elders! 

More Conference!! I feel so spiritually exhausted and I love it! I wish I could go into detail, but my favorite talk was definitely Elder Holland’s. Because my mum's perfect. :)
In between sessions Elder Clawson and I went out chapping. Folks seem friendlier in Paisley... Then we had another sleepover!

Times up but thank you all for thinking and praying for us! God be with you till we meet again :)

I love you,
Elder Brycen Cluster