Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This week has been a blast! Unfortunately we're only getting half the time for our emails again this week, so instead of a day by day I’ll try putting it all into one.
We saw the sun!!!!
 It’s been a week full of excitement and surprises! On Monday I found a lady’s credit card, we got in contact with her and when we met up she gave us a massive tub of chocolate, and ten pounds for a coffee! (Don’t worry, we taught her the word of wisdom then got fancy hot chocolate instead!)

Next up, we were chapping and found this big man in a bath robe, he told us a story about how he’s a less active member then sent us on our way. As we walk passed his house we look over, and he dropped his robe!! That’s right, we saw one big naked man that night....

On Christmas Eve we chapped all day! No one wanted to talk to us. We got a bit of hail storm though and that was exciting! Christmas was alright though! Apart from it being a Green Christmas! I was a pretty bummed out when I woke up and saw that Santa and forgot us this year! But we sure weren’t forgotten by our family and friends.  I did alright for my first Christmas away from home! Skping was definitely the best part. It was a roller coaster on emotions to say the least but I was grateful for every last second of it! My second favorite part of Christmas was when we got the chance to spend some time with those who didn't have anyone and were going to spend Christmas alone. It was a very humbling experience. Boxing Day we partied hard! 

And that’s me out of time! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and was able to spend some time pondering the birth of our Savoir. 

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Goodbye Greenock :(

So much to talk about but so little time! Because we will be Skyping on Christmas they have cut our emailing time in half :( So I’ll just have to make a real fast summery!

Lots of packing and a zone leadership conference.

My Last day in Greenock :( I'm gonna miss that place! I was so thankful that I was able to see Greame, Eddie, and Gemma one last time! The Higgins family also had us over for one last dinner. I loved every second of it!
The Wonderful Higgins Family

Greame and Gemma 

Got up at 4am with my suitcases and caught a train down to Edinbrugh, and then to Livingston where I met my new companion and settled in to the new flat! Later on we got to explore the biggest Mall in Britain! (Pday was today instead on Monday)
My new companion Elder Blosil

Chapped all day then went down to Edinburgh for the Christmas Caroling with my new zone! It was so exciting to see all the lights and crazy Christmas cheer!

More chapping.... But I also got to meet Dan the Hot dog man! he's from Canada and sells the best hotdogs in town!

Mostly just chapped again, but we found 7 potentials which is really good for this area so we were way stoked about that!!!

Church was fun; I enjoyed getting to know some of the ward. After church we went down to an old folk’s home and did some caroling with the priesthood. I just love old people!! The rest was more chapping, I met the most angry man I have ever seen!!! Won’t be going to that door again.

Well it wasn't the most exciting email ever but I tried! I'm sure next week’s will make up for it!! It’s gonna be a Green Christmas! To be honest it doesn't feel like Christmas at all, so it'll be quite the surprise for me on Friday morning! 
I hope everyone has a perfect Christmas and remembers the reason for the season!  

"I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams."

Merry Christmas!! Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

My new address:

18 Queens Crescent
Livingston, Scotland
EH54 8EF

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goodbye Greenock and Gemma's Baptism

It’s been a memorable week to say the least. All the way from our moves call to Gemma's baptism!
Dec 7th
We had a nice relaxing p-day, than our very first new member lesson with Eddie! I love watching him continue to eat up the gospel!
Dec 8th
We had the last lesson with Gemma, and her baptismal interview! Of course she passed with ease! Later that night we also went caroling with the branch at an old folk’s home! It was a lot of fun, the branch president pulled out the bagpipes and all their cute little wrinkly faces lite up!
Dec 9th
More crazy weather... One of these days we are going to fly away like Marry Poppins! We had a lot of fun today teaching Eddie and the Higgins with our Branch President!
Dec 10th
Thursday was busy busy! We got up at 5am and hopped on a train down to the mission home in Edinburgh where we got to meet Elder Kieron from the 70! We had an amazing conference that lasted 7 hours! They had every missionary in all of Scotland down at that bad boy! It was way fun seeing all of my buddy's from the MTC again! On the way home we spent the night in Paisley and did some finding there with the Pollock and Paisley elders, we had a blast!

Dec 11th
We traveled back to Greenock safe and sound early in the morning then went right to Dunoon! The Ferry ride was pretty crazy (Still Stormy!) I was honestly pretty surprised out boat didn’t sink! In Dunoon we met up with Gemma and went over everything for her baptism on Sunday while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate! Dunoon's got the best cut of white hot chocolate! Afterwards the Cains had us over for a coordination meeting and dinner. Sister Cain got me a tub of Jiffy peanut butter for Christmas!!! I never knew how much joy one man could get from some peanut butter!

Dec 12th
Elder Macfarlane was feeling pretty ill so we spend a good part of the day resting up, but later on we went off to the branch and set up some lovely Christmas decorations!

Dec 13th
Sunday was epic! Everything was playing my heart strings! First and most importantly was Gemma's baptism. Everything went perfectly! I can't believe I'm already writing about another baptism... The Lord had blessed me with so many amazing people on my mission. It was so good to see her step down into that fount and it was another experience that I will keep with me forever! One of the best parts was when Eddie (our other recent convert) Got up and boar his testimony. Eddie is such a goof ball but you could tell he really meant what he was saying.

Later that night we had a really great lesson with the Higgins. I know I’ve said it before but that's gotta be the greatest family in Scotland!! They always make us feel right at home and a part of their family!
And then came moves call.... They're shippin' me off to Livingston! (Just outside of Edinburgh) It was a hard call to take, I’m still in a bit of denial that I won’t be able to spend Christmas here in Greenock, but I know my time’s up and I trust that that is where the Lord needs me to be. I'm just grateful for all the amazing people I’ve been able to meet and all those I’ve learned and grown from. I've really felt the Saviors love though the branch, but I’m excited to now put in my best in a new area.

I know that My Redeemer lives and he loves us. He takes care of us and keeps and safe and warm. All we have to do is turn ourselves over to the Lord, and give him our love and trust.

Love, Elder Cluster

Monday, December 7, 2015


This has definitely been one of the craziest, but best weeks of my mission! Buckle up!

Nov. 30th
We had a pretty solid P-day, but the real fun happened afterwards when Eddie had this baptismal interview. Of course he passed with flying colors. He was so excited he threw on his white clothes right then and there!

Dec. 1st
We had two amazing lessons today one with Eddie and one with Gemma! It was Eddie's very last, and one of Gemma's last! It was pretty great teaching both of the mission’s best investigators in one day!

Dec. 2nd
Another perfect day! We got to teach Eddie again and we also had a lesson with a new investigator, 

Dec. 3rd
Probably the greatest day EVER! So much happened, including Eddie's Baptism!!!  I'll just cut straight to it, Eddie’s baptism was perfection. I remember the day I met Eddie, Elder Clawson and I had been GQing for 2 hours in the rain, and had gotten nothing but absolute rejection. We took a breather, and were just about to throw in the towel and go in for lunch, but decided to go hard for another 5 minutes. Eddie was the very next person I talked to! From that day forward he ate up and book of Mormon, and made amazing progress every time we met. He was so ready for the gospel. When his baptism arrived it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I felt so privileged to get into the water with him all dressed in white. You should have seen the smile on his face as he came up out of the font! He told me to put him back under! He also explained to me how he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders as he walked back out of the fount. It was truly an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

Dec. 4th
We had a BLITZ in Pollock! I was with Elder Buckley and we got lost! We ended up walking for miles, and miles, in the most ridiculous wind and rain I’ve ever seen! I don’t think I’ve ever been that wet in my life..... And I loved it!!!

Dec. 5th
 Another BLITZ, this time in Paisley! We did some Caroling and GQing, the only problem was that the wind and rain still hasn't slowed down.... Now I understand why the Scottish always say “We don’t tan.. We rust!" We also got to do a Nativity play thingme for the primary, I was a Sheppard! 

Dec. 6th
Church was crazy!  Gemma come from Dunoon, Eddie was confirmed, there was a baby blessing, and a child of record baptism! It was a good full day. We also got to have a lesson with Greame and Gemma. Gemma is going to be baptized next Sunday, and is so ready! Move's call is also on Sunday so it'll be a good full day! :)

Well there you have it, all we have to do is keep the ball rolling, and we will see miracle after miracle just like we have been! 

Thank you for your love, prayers and support,

Love Elder Cluster

PS There are a couple new lakes outside the flat. What should we name them??

PSS Mum,I've been loving your advent package! Elder MacFarlane has too! It's the first thing we do every morning :) They are so clever! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

An Amazing Week in Scotland!

So much to talk about and so little time! Scotland is the place to be!!
Nov. 23
We had a super solid P-Day! Went down to Pollock and had a Blitz, I got to go with Elder Tullis and we were killin it! We got four potentials in one flat complex!! When we finished chapping those flats we came out and saw this massive hill. We could have gone around it, but we had the bright idea to go straight down! Not even half we down, we both ate it and slid down for a solid 15 feet! We just kept going! We were covered in mud from head to toe, and the worst part was I was in my suit because we were staying the night in Pollock, and had district meeting the next morning! We had a fun night with the other elders and got fat off of Kababs and Chippys!

Nov. 24
District meeting was good stuff, after words I took Elder Perkins back home with me on exchange. We did lots of finding, and guess what?? I got let in while chapping for the first time! We taught the Restoration right then and there. The guy was pretty crazy so I don’t know how much time we'll be spending with him, but it was pretty exciting anyway! We were also able to teach Gemma the word of wisdom and chastity. It can be a really hard lesson but it went over well!
Nov. 25
Hey, it’s my 5 month mark!! When did that happen?? Another solid day, did some finding in the morning, some service in the afternoon, and then had a lesson with Eddie that night. We taught him the Word of wisdom and the 10 commandments. He soaked it all up, and is one step closer to his baptism!
Nov. 26
Happy Thanksgiving!! It wasn't like the Thanksgivings back home in the States, but thanks to my Missionary Mum Anne I was still able to stuff my face! She took us out to a beautiful carvery. Food is good. Afterwards we spent some time in Dunoon, and had coordination meeting. Dunoon is a wonderful place!

Nov. 27
Black Friday's a thing here now! Lucky for me I didn't sse much of it because we were too busy teaching Gemma and Eddie! We had the chastity and tithing lesson with Eddie, and tithing and fasting with Gemma. We're on some of the last lessons. This is getting real!!!
Nov. 28
Lots of finding and try by's in the morning... and another lesson with Eddie! He's eating up the Book of Mormon and told us that “This tithing thing... I agree 100% with that stuff!” Let me tell ya, that's not usually most people's reaction to the tithing lesson.
Nov. 29
Crazy storm!! A lot of folk were not able to make it to church so Elder MacFareland and I got to teach Sunday school, but the main thing that went down last night was receiving a prompting to move Eddie’s baptismal date. It went from Dec. 13 to this Thursday!!! I’m so stoked! Please pray for him :)

It's been an amazing week and we have and even better one coming up! Keep praying for us. You’re prayers are answered!

-Shout Out to the Higgins Family for making us the world’s best chili!! 

Love, Elder Cluster

Monday, November 23, 2015

This week Flu right by ;)

Nov. 16th
We got haircuts! Elder MacFareland convinced me to go European style... I was a little unsure about it at first, but its growing on me! ;) We also had a stellar lesson with Eddie, he's a boss!
Highland Coos

Nov. 17th
I got the Flu.... I was feeling pretty crappy,  but felt a lot better when I had the Elders giving me a blessing after District meeting. Our night was filled with a video conference on Branch Counsel in Paisley. Nothing to exciting but it’s always fun to travel around! 

Still felt like poop... didn't do much besides have another lesson with Eddie, I totally committed him to be baptized! #KingdomBuilder

Nov. 19th
I did absolutely bubkiss today!! Getting sick as a missionary is the worst because there isn't any good pastime.... However, we did get some excitement when we traveled down to Beith for a little Blitz thingme! We were just chillin on the train and sitting next to the bathroom, and this old guy walked up to the stall, it was locked because somebody was already in there, so he just pulled down his trousers and pee'd all over the wall!!!!! It was so gross! Because of the bumps and turns on the train the stuff was getting everywhere! I was trying so hard not to laugh that I cried! The ticket man saw it all and came over, got in a big fight with him, then kicked the guy off at the next stop! But that’s not all.... the poor ticket man slipped in it on the way back!!!! What a night!

Nov. 20th
I spent the day ill in the Beith flat with Elder Fisher. Elder Macfareland was able to show Elder Baker around to some former investigators because Beith was his first area!

Nov. 21st
Did some street contacting in the morning, and then endured weekly planning. After our weekly planning, things picked up! First we had another lesson with Eddie at the church, and then we had a branch Thanksgiving party! It didn't feel like a genuine Thanksgiving, but I still enjoyed every bit of it! The best part was Kizzy's Pumpkin pie!!! They don't do anything pumpkin up here! For most people there it was their first time tryin' the stuff! I don't know how they survive sometimes! The Branch is also very musical; the presidency made a band, and they played Sweet Home Alabama! I never thought I’d see a group a Scots singin' that one, it was Golden!
Kizzy's Pumpkin Pie... Yummm

Nov. 22
Church was great as always, we had the primary program this week! Watching all the young whipper snappers made me miss my “Bo on the go!” We were also able to get to investigators and two less actives out to church this week! We ended the night off right with a lesson at the Higgins, they're champs!

Well it wasn't the most exciting week ever but I'm feeling a bit better now and I’m excited to get back at it! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!    

Love, Elder Cluster  

Monday, November 16, 2015

Elder MacFarlane (The Englishman)

It’s been another BIG week!! Scotland is ready for a change!

Nov. 9th
Mine and Elder Clawson’s last P-day together, and it was killer! We went on an epic adventure through the wilderness, and into the big green Scottish hills! We were finally able to make life slow down, and just enjoy the outdoors. Later that night we hopped a ferry over to Dunoon and had a grand lesson with Gemma.

Nov. 10th
Busy, Busy! We taught our new investigator Eddie in the morning. It went great! Eddie's gonna go far :) Afterwards Elder Clawson said some goodbye's (It was his last day in Greenock after 6 months) and we had another stellar lesson with Gemma! I'm tellin' ya, the Lord trusts us with some very prepared people right now! After our lesson we took a long bus ride down to Irvine and stayed in the Zone Leaders flat for the night, along with 6 other missionary's. Everyone was grouping up for the moves tomorrow! There wasn't enough bedding so I had to sleep on the ground with nothing but my hoodie... it was a rough night!
Part of my new district
Nov. 11th MOVE'S DAY! Wednesday was something else! You're never gonna believe it, but the zone leaders needed me to drive around loads of missionary's to their new areas all day! I was driving all up and down the West Coast of Scotland (On the Opposite side of the road might I add) including through the busiest streets of Glasgow all day long! I was singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" And he did! Besides for when I found myself on the wrong side of the road, or hitting a curb... It was probably not the smartest idea to make a sleep deprived American drive around crazy Scottish roads, but we're all still alive :)

I also got my new companion Elder MacFarlane, he's a funny Englishman and we're having loads of fun together! He is also teaching me the Ukulele and Guitar. I'll be a pro in no time! I'm excited for all the work we'll be going together. 
Deep Fried Pizza...Yummm
Nov. 12th
Today we did Weekly planning (BOOO!!) But we also did some street contacting, and had a lesson with Louise, so it wasn’t too bad!

Nov. 13th (Friday the 13th, Spooky!)Today we had another All Scotland West Conference (This time in Glasgow) These Conferences are always the best! They put my spiritual batteries into overdrive!! Plus it’s always nice to see President and all my other missionary buddies. After the conference I went on exchange in Greenock with a new member of the district Elder Neilson, it was fun spending some time with another missionary from my MTC Group.

Nov. 14th
We begged for money to help British folk with Heart problems, Unexchanged, then went down to Dunoon! We had two lessons in Dunoon this time! One with a less active and one with Gemma. Both were stellar! Getting back to Greenock was a bit of a probably because it was so stormy out. Our ferry was shut down, so we ended up having to take a different one that dropped us off at a weird spot with crappy bus times. Long story short we had to walk through this crazy intense rainstorm and ended up getting back to the flat pretty late. It was way fun!

Nov 15th
Church was great, as always our gospel principles class was the best part! (Besides Sacrament of course) We also had a dinner appointment, and then had a lesson with Graeme so it was a pretty awesome day!

Thank you all for your love and support, your prayers are what makes the deference!! 

PS. it is UNREAL the amount of rain that has been coming down on us this week (Even Right Now!) They've got some new lakes to name out here!! They weren't kidding when they said they were putting me in the rainiest area in the mission!

One Love! -Elder Cluster