Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Another Week In the Work Of Salvation

For the first time in ages we actually had a pretty normal week! We've had loads of adventures and surprises. We've also been able to set up a lot of new appointments for this week, so it should be an extra exciting one!

June 6th
P-day was great this week! Well P-day's are great every week, but this week Elder Wilson and I went to the beach and collected lots of fancy seashells! The weather was warm and sunny too, which was really weird! I felt like I was serving in the Hawaii Mission! Some members also took us to check out an old castle later on. It was soo cool! I couldn't help but to climb all the walls, even if they were on the verge of falling over!


June 7th
We started Tuesday off with a fantastic District Meeting in Ayr. My favorite part was when out new Tongan missionary instructed on "We Act in Love" . Love is the motivation, Amen Elder Fehoko! After DM we followed the ZL's back to Irvine where we had a Blitz/Exchange. I spent the day with Elder Martin, our day was mostly filled with finding but we treated ourselves to some Fish N' Chips before bed. I love me some Fish N' Chips. In Irvine it is a four man flat at the moment, you have the Zone Leaders, and then you have Elder Clawson (My Trainer) and Elder Hoppe (My Crazy German Companion.) It was so much fun to get to spend the night with them! Felt just like the good old days!

June 8th
First thing in the morning was our long drive home back to Stranraer. When we arrived at our humble flat we quickly changed into our Mormon helping hands shirts and rushed over to an old man’s home with Brother Mclean and a bucket of Paint! Two hours of painting fences... It was good fun! After we met up with Vicky and re-taught the Restoration lesson. The spirit was even stronger the second time around!

June 9th
Thursday, today we lost our car to get some repairs done. We walked for ages just to get to coordination meeting! It felt like we didn’t have time to do anything by the time we walked one place to the next. It’s doing to be brutal on the 25th when my license expires! One highlight of the day was our dinner appointment with the branch president, steak pie! I don't know was the world doesn't eat more steak pies.... 

June 10th
We taught Dayna and Vicky the Plan of Salvation today, we drew all the little pictures and everything! I must say, it is by far my favorite lesson to teach! Later on we taught Emma, Rachel, Dayna, and Vicky the Law of Chastity.... Probably my least favorite lesson to teach. I never thought I'd find myself teaching four teenage girls about the law of Chastity but it had to be done. To finish up the night our friend Eric had us up for dinner, he had his Italian buddy there who made us a fantastic authentic dish! Arno was the name, what a guy! 

June 11th
Saturday morning the Branch President had us up to destroy his old shed!! Talking down walls of an old damp shack is a good way to release stress! We also got to load up the big chunks and take it to the dump. Something less exciting was when we tried by our investigator Tina. Her husband answered the door and left to get her, but instead came back with our Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet and told us she didn't want to talk to us again. That was pretty lame. However, the Lord lifted our spirits because when we tried by a member after she gave us an amazing lamb sausage! 

June 12th

Sundays make me happy. Emma, Rachel, Tia, and Vicky all showed!! It was grand, and to make the deal even sweeter there was a munch and mingle today! After church we did some finding and visited Martin. Let’s just say Martin is going through a hard time. But we fixed his printer so he seems a lot happier now!

Well, there's my week, it sure went by fast! I'm so great full for all the people I was able to spend my time with this week. They have been such a blessing to me and my companion. I pray that this week we will find many new friends to share the Gospel with! 

Love you all! 
Elder Cluster

PS A special shout out to my Dad for Father’s Day this Sunday! You're the best of the best! Thanks for leading your posterity in rightness and dwelling in so many tents for me during all those Boy Scout Camps!   

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