Monday, July 27, 2015

My first Baptism!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It’s been an absolutely amazing week!! I hardly have any time to talk about it though, so this week's email is going to be cut pretty short :(

I went to the most amazing all you can eat buffet ever!!!! It’s called Casmos, they really need to got one in Utah! When we got home there were a bunch of crazy French people running around from another cruise ship! Cruise ships pretty much show up in front of my flat every day. It’s exciting! We also got to go over to the Isle of Cumbra, it was super beautiful!! The Gibson family lives out there, and has to take the ferry every week to come to church!

We went tracting in this really ghetto neighborhood. I talked to like five people, all of which brought up drugs. I started to get a really bad feeling about the place, so we decided to leave. When we were on our way out,  we ran into this lady who said she was on her way there to buy drugs, and that people in this neighborhood like to throw bricks at the missionaries heads... I'm glad we made it out of that place!

The Higgins family fed us the most amazing churros in the world!!! They were homemade with chocolate dipping sauce. Yumm…

I exchanged over to Pullock, and had my first bible bashing experience! This lady was intense! We talked to her for like an hour, it was pretty fun!

My one month anniversary! Just 23 to go! I took a ferry over to Dunoon and ate Haggis for the first time with the Cains! It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it would be... but I couldn’t get past the texture of it! Pretty much as good as ground up sheep organs and entrails could be!

Pretty much one of the greatest days of my life!! It’s driving me crazy because there is so much I want to say about it, but I’m going to get kicked off the computer any minute now! President Donaldson and his wife even came all the way down to be there! One of the best feelings in the world was to see his smiling face as he came up out of the water! I was able to share my testimony after words. The Spirit was so strong! Everything was perfect. I get the honor and confirming him this Sunday, I can’t wait!!! I just love the Higgins Family.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who's been emailing and keeping in touch with me. I’ve really felt the love of everyone back home this week and it’s been helping with my Trunkyness! 

PS It’s still raining.

Elder Brycen Cluster

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Greenock July 13th - July 20th

Hello Everyone!! I don't have much time to Email this week, so I'm just going to dive right in!

     This has been a crazy busy week! I don’t even know where to start! I’ve had so many great experiences here, the branch is amazing and Scotland is super beautiful! 

 Probably the craziest thing that happened this week was on 7-15-15 while I was on an exchange with my Zone Leader Elder Ward. Dinner time came around and Elder Ward had the idea to call in a couple “Donner King Kebabs.” Thus began my first attempt at being Kababtised. In order to be Kababtised you have to eat a whole King Kebab in one sitting, while partaking of the gift of the Holy Coke! I walked into the font with full faith, and then they opened the box... There sat a mountain of lamb meat, topped with some unions and garlic sauce, all on top of a massive slab of nan bread. I had no choice but to except the challenge; a classic David and Goliath. I fought with all my might, but not even halfway through, I begrudgingly gave up the ghost. After the whole Kabab incident, I waddled my way throughout the rest of the day in shame. And in the morning, I gave birth to a Kababy!

Another Crazy event was on 7-14-15. 60 American Mormons hopped of a cruise ship and wanted to tour our branch building! I'm not sure why because it’s just kinda old and smelly... But it was so great to see so many American smiling faces again!! It was weird having people actually want to talk to you!! They had our Branch President, President Wild play the bagpipes for them too. It was great! It put nearly everyone in tears! It just kinda reminded me of high school though! On the way out a man named Elder Frost introduced himself to me.... Turns out he’s an area of the 70!! That’s pretty neat!

On 7-17-15 the legend Anne Harrison took Elder Clawson and I out to dinner at Brewers Fair. All you can eat Fish n' Chips, plus real music and a sweet view of the Clide! It was perfect! Anne is a missionary's angel! She pretty much goes around traveling to different missionaries, and acts like our mom when we are missing ours! She spoiled us to death!! And she’s coming again on Aug 4th! How lucky am I?

7-18-15 was pretty great as well! We were able to hop on a ferry to Dunoon to visit the Cain’s for a coordination meeting. The ferry ride and just Dunoon in general left me speechless! It’s a ridiculously beautiful place!! The people in Dunoon seemed much friendlier too! The Cain’s are just great! Brother Cain is the funniest guy you'll ever meet! What a character! He's got all kinds of funny Scottish words he’s always using too! Maybe I’ll start him a quote book! 

7-19-15 Sunday! We were able to catch a ride down to the Paisley Stake to see the singing children of Africa!! It was awesome! All these little African kids just singing and dancing their hearts out! The whole thing really reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa.

In conclusion, WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!! Gavin Higgins, our neighbor is getting baptized on Sunday! The Higgins family is nothing short of amazing, every missionary's dream! I've been so lucky to be able to teach and work with them. 99% of missionaries here don’t get an opportunity like this throughout their entire mission! The Higgins has definitely been the biggest blessing in my mission so far, and probably always will be! 

Well that pretty much sums it up! Thank you all so much to taking the time to read this junk! It’s good to know not everyone has forgotten about me already! ;) Thanks for all the emails too, they always make me feel less homesick!

I know that my Redeemer lives.

Love, Elder Cluster


Monday, July 13, 2015

Scotland the Brave (Greenock)

Wednesday 7-1-15
This was a crazy busy day, but one of the best days of my life. In short we were having an unplanned district meeting. I was prompted to share my testimony out of nowhere, it was really strong. Than out of nowhere the rest of my district started bearing there testimonies & before you knew it we were all crying like little girls! I've have never felt the Spirit the strong in all my life.

Thursday 7-2-15
We went into town to do some street contacting for the first time!! I sat next to this lady on the bus and she was really nice! I was able to tell her a lot about the church and even made sure she had a pass along card! But as soon as I got off the train everyone was super rude.... the very first person I went up to laughed and said "don't bother!" Don’t worry I'm staying confident! ;)

Friday 7-3-15
All the Elders think I’m the funniest guy around for some reason! Today they made an "Elder Cluster quote book" I'm glad I’m able to lighten the mood here a little! Today was crazy windy! (Still no sign of sun)

Saturday 7-4-15
Fourth of July!! I was feeling pretty sad and trunky about this day... but that all changed when I went down for dinner and saw the lunch room decked out in USA decorations! It was awesome!! We had hamburgers and... wait for it........ Root-Beer!!! The chef here is the best! He even made an American flag cake! We all gathered around it and sang the anthem! The English folk looked super grumpy for some reason.

Sunday 7-5-15
Fast Sunday! Fasting as a missionary is rough... But the sacrament meeting was awesome, I was lucky to be able to fit in my testimony because there wasn't a single spare moment! 
Today was a really important and historic day for the MTC. No one had ever cleared out all the food in the MTC before, and we took on the challenge. The Australian gave a big speech, and then we went to war. The Chicken and Potatoes were the enemy. There seemed to be no end. But somehow we won the battle and got it all down! Everyone was so sick that night!! I hate to say it, but the food won the war in our stomachs! President took our picture and said he was making a plaque to mark our victory! 

Monday 7-6-15
Second to the last day at the MTC, pretty busy day! Did a ton of practice teaching!

Tuesday 7-7-15
Last Day at the MTC... It was the busiest and one of the most important day we had! We rush from spot to spot going to "Break Out Sessions" The best part of the night was when we went to the temple. We left at 7:30, and we ended up staying there till 10pm. It was an amazing experience. It's hard to think that I won’t be going to the temple for two years! We did a lot of sad goodbyes, then packed and packed. Didn’t end up getting to bed till 1:30am!

Wednesday 7-8-15
Into the Mission Field! We got up at 4:20am and hit the road! It was the most scenic drive of my life! I loved every bit of it! Besides when the ATM machine ate my debit card! 5 hours later we arrived at the mission home in Edinburgh. The first thing we did when we got there was a hike to the top of Pratt’s Hill. Pratt was the first missionary in Scotland; he promised the Lord on that mountain that he would baptize 200. We all prayed and set our own goals with the Lord. Then got together and sang "High on a Mountain top" it was nothing short of amazing. As soon as we finished singing a big storm hit! Intense winds and snow/rain stuff! It was Awesome! 

When we arrived back to the mission home we were interviewed by President Donaldson and  were assigned our companions and Areas! "Elder Cluster with Elder Clawson in Greenock Scotland"
We got on a train and made it to our flat that night. It's bigger than I expected, which isn’t really saying much! It smells kinda funny though... This town is ridiculously old! I like it! There are like ten different churches on out street and ours isn’t one of them! It seems like there are more churches than houses around here!

Thursday 7-9-15
First real day in the field! We did a ton of tracting and street contacting. That didn’t seem to go anywhere... it was nice to see the area though!

Friday 7-10-15
Today we helped a new member move into the branch, he a super nice guy and his new house is amazing! It has a great view of the Clide!

Saturday 7-11-15
Everyone was probably out getting free slurpies today! They don’t even have them here... It was a good day though, got to work with a really awesome investigator family!

Sunday 7-12-15
First Sunday in the branch! The branch here is really small, but I plan on fixing that! There may not be many members, but the members we do have are awesome! (There were only like 18 people at church...) We teach the gospel principals class here, it was pretty great! After church we visited a less active lady with cancer and we got to give her a blessing!

Monday 7-13-15
So far today's been great. J

I've really enjoyed the area so far! Even if I can’t understand 90% of people! Something crazy about this place is that it’s always light outside! From like 4am to 12am or something weird! This is supposed to be the second rainiest area in Europe! It must be true because it’s rained everyday since I’ve gotten here! It’s crazy cold too! 

Out of time but I love and miss you all!!

Elder Cluster

Where are my friends? E-mail me dang it!

New Address

Elder Brycen Cluster
17/1 Ardgowon Square
Greenock Scotland


Sunday, July 12, 2015


HOLY MOLEY!! This place is amazing, there is soooooo much to talk about and little time! So ill just dive in!

I got my companions!! I'm the only companionship in a tri-o! Elder Green and Elder Oxspring (both from Arizona) they are pretty great! This day was pretty relaxing, we mostly just got to relax and settle into our rooms! My companions and I got our own room, so we actually have a ton of space! It’s way nice! And you should see the view from my window!

       Today was the first real day at the MTC! It was a TON of work and studying! We seemed to do a bit of everything though! The main topic today was the mission purpose! It was a pretty good topic. ;) We are able to do some role playing which can be humbling, and is a great way to learn! I'm sure it’s still easier than how it’ll be in the mission field! It hasn’t stopped raining very many times since we've gotten here. It’s great!! I kept falling asleep in lessons! I'm terribly jet lagged!! It's really weird but I feel like I’ve know a lot of the missionaries here my whole life! They are all really friendly though! It's really hard not to flirt with some of the sisters!

       Today was great!! They gave us root beer at dinner!! The food is really good here; I’ve been able to try a lot of new foods already! I’ve had some weird deep fried shrimp things, some English candy bars, crumpets, and their pizza is different! I’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far. I’ve even heard haggis is good!!
      My district is really great; I hope my first district in the field is as amazing as this one! Sometimes they are so funny I actually wonder if we are allowed to laugh so hard!

·    Sister Tenny (won’t stop smiling)
·    Sister Hofrel (from Austria)
·    Elder Cluster (really good looking)
·    Elder McCappin (from Australia)
·    Elder Oxspring (companion)
·    Elder Green (companion)
·    Elder Bradshow (cowboy)
Sister Hofrel and Elder McCappin are my favorites! Sister Hofrels name is really hard to say, and elder McCappin is freaking hilarious! Sister Hofrel is struggling with her English but she’s getting it! All of us are going to make great missionaries! It’s crazy how much some of these guys know! You realize you don’t know a lot about the gospel until you hit the MTC! I think I’m learning fast though, the spirit and really easy to feel here and that helps!
    Last but not least I was playing ultimate Frisbee today and messed up my leg pretty bad! The grass is really slippery because it’s always wet! Oh yeah and I got sick!

     Yay for Sunday!! Sundays are nice; we were able to have sacrament and priesthood right here at the MTC. Some of the missionaries were even assigned talks! Boy am I glad I wasn’t one of those!
 Tried some new foods again today! I can never remember the names of the dishes though!
      We were able to do some more exploring outside as well, dang this place is Beautiful! They even let us do some companion and district study outside today!
They keep you so busy at this place! Now I know why Braden calls it spiritual boot camp! They make you rush from place to place, and if you stop and think about where you need to be, you’re already late! I guess that’s a good thing though!
      I've never been this tired in my life! Ever since I hopped of that plane I’ve been dead inside!

      Today was even better than yesterday! I was very impressed with the food today, something I love about this place is that lunch is always as extensive as dinner! However, I let Elder McCappin convince me of taking a bite of his toast, it had some Australian spread called vegemite on it and it was so terrible!! And was some kind of meat flavored salt spread! If I could describe Elder McCappin in one work it would be ridiculous! He probably wouldn’t be half as funny without his Australian accent though!
      My leg is feeling a little bit better, it was hard not being able to really give it my best effort during ultimate Frisbee today!
Even though we are so crazy busy I absolutely love it here! Sometimes I get sad just thinking about leaving this place. The food and all the people here are amazing. I truly believe that these are going to be some of the best days of my life! The environment here alone as helped my knowledge and testimony grow like a wild fire! Being this busy has made time fly by like crazy, but I feel like I just got here!

      The food like always was great! For lunch we got two foot long hot dogs! And during dinner I found out the Elder McCappin doesn’t chew his food! And he eats a ton! He ate three plates in the time it took me to eat about half of mine!
      Today was actually pretty warm! I mean probably nothing compared to what you guys are getting, but it was a nice change! Today was the first time I saw blue sky since I got here too!

Running out of time for this email :(

      Today, P-Day, So far it’s been wonderful! I like p-days ;) The day started with a trip to the temple! The temple is like a two minutes walk from the MTC. It was a great experience and a real testimony builder. It is a really small temple but is sooo beautiful! After that we went to Asda (a fancy Wal-Mart type store) I didn’t really buy anything but I did get some English chocolate. They have really good chocolate....
   And that pretty much brings us to now!!

Well times up! I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support, I miss you!!!

P.S. this place is weird. The sun rises a little before 4AM and sets.... well I’m not really sure when it sets because I’m always in bed by then, so sometime after 10:30 PM!! Crazy right!?!

P.P.S. Don’t expect all of the emails to be this long!

Elder Brycen Cluster
Elder McCappin

Elder Green and Elder Oxspring

Preston England Temple
The entire MTC group