Monday, June 20, 2016

A week of Miracles

From top to bottom this has been an amazing week filled with tender mercies! Our prayers are always answered.

June 13th
P-day was really fun! This week Elder Wilson and I went down to the Harbor with our Czech friend and did some fishin'! It was so much fun! I never expected to catch anything, but low and behold there I was reeling in two little mackerel! I thought long and hard about taking em home and cooking them up, but we decided to give the poor little guys a second chance. So we counted to three and tossed them in the water. One swam down right away, and the other one was a little confused and swimming around in circles. I never expected what came next; a massive seagull swoops down out of nowhere and steals my fish!!!

June 14th
We drove up to Ayr early Tuesday morning and had an awesome district meeting on asking inspired questions and listening. After wards I took Elder Gates and Elder Fehoko home with me for a BLITZ/ Exchange. I went with Elder Fehoko as his very first exchange; I also took him chapping for his first time. The poor kid was scared out of his mind. I was praying he would get a potential. It took some convincing but after a while he agreed to take the first door. A nice girl answered the door, after Elder Fehoko figured out what he wanted to say in English she invited us back right away! What a blessing! We also had a great lesson with Vicky on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is progressing so well.

June 15th
Today we finally met up with some potentials, James and Suzy who we've been trying to meet with for ages! We taught them about the plan of Salvation, they had so many questions, and it was great! They committed to be baptized when they know it’s true. And that's not all the excitement for Wednesday; Martin also made us Wiener schnitzel again!

 June 16th
Thursday was exciting; the best part was our lesson with James and Amy... James finally got his answer and now accepts Jesus Christ as the son of God!! This is a BIG deal to him. He's Mum been trying to get him to believe his whole life, and he said he’d never felt anything about it till we came along!

June 17th
We had a couple really good lessons today and a great dinner appointment! First we saw Vicky and taught the law of Tithing, next was our appointment withTia on agency and baptism. I think our lesson with Tia really got her thinking again. She'll be ready to commit soon enough! For our dinner appointment I had requested Taco's... they made them with curry sauce... They were yummy, but not quite the same. Scotland really needs a Taco Bell. Bless their hearts for trying!

June 18th
Saturday was just perfect! But far the best day of the week! The branch had a picnic today at the play called Dunskey. Dunskey is one of the many elaborate gardens of Scotland; one of my favorite parts was this massive maze! We also went on a scenic woodland walk where I caught lots of cute little baby frogs! But the best part by far was when Rachel stopped us and said that she wants to be baptized on July 2nd!! That night she had called Dayna in tears and told her that she prayed to know if the church was true, and was overcome with the spirit. After the picnic we met up with them and went over the baptismal interview. They are so ready! I'm so happy and excited for them!!

June 19th
Today was one massive rain and wind storm! However Rachel and Emma walked through it all and came to church. Church was grand, we taught Gospel Principals on baptism and got everyone excited for July 2nd! Later on we taught Emma and Rachel one of their last lessons, we talked about Temples and how that is the next step after being baptized. They love the thought of Temples. The branch is taking a trip down In August; it’s going to be an incredible experience for them. 

There ya have it, just another week in Stranraer! This little town is really shaping up to look like the Promised Land! I'm so grateful for everyone I've been able to meet and teach in this area. God blesses all of us with people to learn and grow from everyday, we just have to get out the door and greet them!

Love, Elder Cluster

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