Monday, November 16, 2015

Elder MacFarlane (The Englishman)

It’s been another BIG week!! Scotland is ready for a change!

Nov. 9th
Mine and Elder Clawson’s last P-day together, and it was killer! We went on an epic adventure through the wilderness, and into the big green Scottish hills! We were finally able to make life slow down, and just enjoy the outdoors. Later that night we hopped a ferry over to Dunoon and had a grand lesson with Gemma.

Nov. 10th
Busy, Busy! We taught our new investigator Eddie in the morning. It went great! Eddie's gonna go far :) Afterwards Elder Clawson said some goodbye's (It was his last day in Greenock after 6 months) and we had another stellar lesson with Gemma! I'm tellin' ya, the Lord trusts us with some very prepared people right now! After our lesson we took a long bus ride down to Irvine and stayed in the Zone Leaders flat for the night, along with 6 other missionary's. Everyone was grouping up for the moves tomorrow! There wasn't enough bedding so I had to sleep on the ground with nothing but my hoodie... it was a rough night!
Part of my new district
Nov. 11th MOVE'S DAY! Wednesday was something else! You're never gonna believe it, but the zone leaders needed me to drive around loads of missionary's to their new areas all day! I was driving all up and down the West Coast of Scotland (On the Opposite side of the road might I add) including through the busiest streets of Glasgow all day long! I was singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" And he did! Besides for when I found myself on the wrong side of the road, or hitting a curb... It was probably not the smartest idea to make a sleep deprived American drive around crazy Scottish roads, but we're all still alive :)

I also got my new companion Elder MacFarlane, he's a funny Englishman and we're having loads of fun together! He is also teaching me the Ukulele and Guitar. I'll be a pro in no time! I'm excited for all the work we'll be going together. 
Deep Fried Pizza...Yummm
Nov. 12th
Today we did Weekly planning (BOOO!!) But we also did some street contacting, and had a lesson with Louise, so it wasn’t too bad!

Nov. 13th (Friday the 13th, Spooky!)Today we had another All Scotland West Conference (This time in Glasgow) These Conferences are always the best! They put my spiritual batteries into overdrive!! Plus it’s always nice to see President and all my other missionary buddies. After the conference I went on exchange in Greenock with a new member of the district Elder Neilson, it was fun spending some time with another missionary from my MTC Group.

Nov. 14th
We begged for money to help British folk with Heart problems, Unexchanged, then went down to Dunoon! We had two lessons in Dunoon this time! One with a less active and one with Gemma. Both were stellar! Getting back to Greenock was a bit of a probably because it was so stormy out. Our ferry was shut down, so we ended up having to take a different one that dropped us off at a weird spot with crappy bus times. Long story short we had to walk through this crazy intense rainstorm and ended up getting back to the flat pretty late. It was way fun!

Nov 15th
Church was great, as always our gospel principles class was the best part! (Besides Sacrament of course) We also had a dinner appointment, and then had a lesson with Graeme so it was a pretty awesome day!

Thank you all for your love and support, your prayers are what makes the deference!! 

PS. it is UNREAL the amount of rain that has been coming down on us this week (Even Right Now!) They've got some new lakes to name out here!! They weren't kidding when they said they were putting me in the rainiest area in the mission!

One Love! -Elder Cluster


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  3. So fun to find my son, Elder Nielson, in here! I'm glad they got to spend some time together. I love how much detail Elder Cluster gives on what he does throughout the week!