Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This week has been a blast! Unfortunately we're only getting half the time for our emails again this week, so instead of a day by day I’ll try putting it all into one.
We saw the sun!!!!
 It’s been a week full of excitement and surprises! On Monday I found a lady’s credit card, we got in contact with her and when we met up she gave us a massive tub of chocolate, and ten pounds for a coffee! (Don’t worry, we taught her the word of wisdom then got fancy hot chocolate instead!)

Next up, we were chapping and found this big man in a bath robe, he told us a story about how he’s a less active member then sent us on our way. As we walk passed his house we look over, and he dropped his robe!! That’s right, we saw one big naked man that night....

On Christmas Eve we chapped all day! No one wanted to talk to us. We got a bit of hail storm though and that was exciting! Christmas was alright though! Apart from it being a Green Christmas! I was a pretty bummed out when I woke up and saw that Santa and forgot us this year! But we sure weren’t forgotten by our family and friends.  I did alright for my first Christmas away from home! Skping was definitely the best part. It was a roller coaster on emotions to say the least but I was grateful for every last second of it! My second favorite part of Christmas was when we got the chance to spend some time with those who didn't have anyone and were going to spend Christmas alone. It was a very humbling experience. Boxing Day we partied hard! 

And that’s me out of time! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and was able to spend some time pondering the birth of our Savoir. 

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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