Monday, November 23, 2015

This week Flu right by ;)

Nov. 16th
We got haircuts! Elder MacFareland convinced me to go European style... I was a little unsure about it at first, but its growing on me! ;) We also had a stellar lesson with Eddie, he's a boss!
Highland Coos

Nov. 17th
I got the Flu.... I was feeling pretty crappy,  but felt a lot better when I had the Elders giving me a blessing after District meeting. Our night was filled with a video conference on Branch Counsel in Paisley. Nothing to exciting but it’s always fun to travel around! 

Still felt like poop... didn't do much besides have another lesson with Eddie, I totally committed him to be baptized! #KingdomBuilder

Nov. 19th
I did absolutely bubkiss today!! Getting sick as a missionary is the worst because there isn't any good pastime.... However, we did get some excitement when we traveled down to Beith for a little Blitz thingme! We were just chillin on the train and sitting next to the bathroom, and this old guy walked up to the stall, it was locked because somebody was already in there, so he just pulled down his trousers and pee'd all over the wall!!!!! It was so gross! Because of the bumps and turns on the train the stuff was getting everywhere! I was trying so hard not to laugh that I cried! The ticket man saw it all and came over, got in a big fight with him, then kicked the guy off at the next stop! But that’s not all.... the poor ticket man slipped in it on the way back!!!! What a night!

Nov. 20th
I spent the day ill in the Beith flat with Elder Fisher. Elder Macfareland was able to show Elder Baker around to some former investigators because Beith was his first area!

Nov. 21st
Did some street contacting in the morning, and then endured weekly planning. After our weekly planning, things picked up! First we had another lesson with Eddie at the church, and then we had a branch Thanksgiving party! It didn't feel like a genuine Thanksgiving, but I still enjoyed every bit of it! The best part was Kizzy's Pumpkin pie!!! They don't do anything pumpkin up here! For most people there it was their first time tryin' the stuff! I don't know how they survive sometimes! The Branch is also very musical; the presidency made a band, and they played Sweet Home Alabama! I never thought I’d see a group a Scots singin' that one, it was Golden!
Kizzy's Pumpkin Pie... Yummm

Nov. 22
Church was great as always, we had the primary program this week! Watching all the young whipper snappers made me miss my “Bo on the go!” We were also able to get to investigators and two less actives out to church this week! We ended the night off right with a lesson at the Higgins, they're champs!

Well it wasn't the most exciting week ever but I'm feeling a bit better now and I’m excited to get back at it! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!    

Love, Elder Cluster  

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