Monday, November 30, 2015

An Amazing Week in Scotland!

So much to talk about and so little time! Scotland is the place to be!!
Nov. 23
We had a super solid P-Day! Went down to Pollock and had a Blitz, I got to go with Elder Tullis and we were killin it! We got four potentials in one flat complex!! When we finished chapping those flats we came out and saw this massive hill. We could have gone around it, but we had the bright idea to go straight down! Not even half we down, we both ate it and slid down for a solid 15 feet! We just kept going! We were covered in mud from head to toe, and the worst part was I was in my suit because we were staying the night in Pollock, and had district meeting the next morning! We had a fun night with the other elders and got fat off of Kababs and Chippys!

Nov. 24
District meeting was good stuff, after words I took Elder Perkins back home with me on exchange. We did lots of finding, and guess what?? I got let in while chapping for the first time! We taught the Restoration right then and there. The guy was pretty crazy so I don’t know how much time we'll be spending with him, but it was pretty exciting anyway! We were also able to teach Gemma the word of wisdom and chastity. It can be a really hard lesson but it went over well!
Nov. 25
Hey, it’s my 5 month mark!! When did that happen?? Another solid day, did some finding in the morning, some service in the afternoon, and then had a lesson with Eddie that night. We taught him the Word of wisdom and the 10 commandments. He soaked it all up, and is one step closer to his baptism!
Nov. 26
Happy Thanksgiving!! It wasn't like the Thanksgivings back home in the States, but thanks to my Missionary Mum Anne I was still able to stuff my face! She took us out to a beautiful carvery. Food is good. Afterwards we spent some time in Dunoon, and had coordination meeting. Dunoon is a wonderful place!

Nov. 27
Black Friday's a thing here now! Lucky for me I didn't sse much of it because we were too busy teaching Gemma and Eddie! We had the chastity and tithing lesson with Eddie, and tithing and fasting with Gemma. We're on some of the last lessons. This is getting real!!!
Nov. 28
Lots of finding and try by's in the morning... and another lesson with Eddie! He's eating up the Book of Mormon and told us that “This tithing thing... I agree 100% with that stuff!” Let me tell ya, that's not usually most people's reaction to the tithing lesson.
Nov. 29
Crazy storm!! A lot of folk were not able to make it to church so Elder MacFareland and I got to teach Sunday school, but the main thing that went down last night was receiving a prompting to move Eddie’s baptismal date. It went from Dec. 13 to this Thursday!!! I’m so stoked! Please pray for him :)

It's been an amazing week and we have and even better one coming up! Keep praying for us. You’re prayers are answered!

-Shout Out to the Higgins Family for making us the world’s best chili!! 

Love, Elder Cluster

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