Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goodbye Greenock and Gemma's Baptism

It’s been a memorable week to say the least. All the way from our moves call to Gemma's baptism!
Dec 7th
We had a nice relaxing p-day, than our very first new member lesson with Eddie! I love watching him continue to eat up the gospel!
Dec 8th
We had the last lesson with Gemma, and her baptismal interview! Of course she passed with ease! Later that night we also went caroling with the branch at an old folk’s home! It was a lot of fun, the branch president pulled out the bagpipes and all their cute little wrinkly faces lite up!
Dec 9th
More crazy weather... One of these days we are going to fly away like Marry Poppins! We had a lot of fun today teaching Eddie and the Higgins with our Branch President!
Dec 10th
Thursday was busy busy! We got up at 5am and hopped on a train down to the mission home in Edinburgh where we got to meet Elder Kieron from the 70! We had an amazing conference that lasted 7 hours! They had every missionary in all of Scotland down at that bad boy! It was way fun seeing all of my buddy's from the MTC again! On the way home we spent the night in Paisley and did some finding there with the Pollock and Paisley elders, we had a blast!

Dec 11th
We traveled back to Greenock safe and sound early in the morning then went right to Dunoon! The Ferry ride was pretty crazy (Still Stormy!) I was honestly pretty surprised out boat didn’t sink! In Dunoon we met up with Gemma and went over everything for her baptism on Sunday while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate! Dunoon's got the best cut of white hot chocolate! Afterwards the Cains had us over for a coordination meeting and dinner. Sister Cain got me a tub of Jiffy peanut butter for Christmas!!! I never knew how much joy one man could get from some peanut butter!

Dec 12th
Elder Macfarlane was feeling pretty ill so we spend a good part of the day resting up, but later on we went off to the branch and set up some lovely Christmas decorations!

Dec 13th
Sunday was epic! Everything was playing my heart strings! First and most importantly was Gemma's baptism. Everything went perfectly! I can't believe I'm already writing about another baptism... The Lord had blessed me with so many amazing people on my mission. It was so good to see her step down into that fount and it was another experience that I will keep with me forever! One of the best parts was when Eddie (our other recent convert) Got up and boar his testimony. Eddie is such a goof ball but you could tell he really meant what he was saying.

Later that night we had a really great lesson with the Higgins. I know I’ve said it before but that's gotta be the greatest family in Scotland!! They always make us feel right at home and a part of their family!
And then came moves call.... They're shippin' me off to Livingston! (Just outside of Edinburgh) It was a hard call to take, I’m still in a bit of denial that I won’t be able to spend Christmas here in Greenock, but I know my time’s up and I trust that that is where the Lord needs me to be. I'm just grateful for all the amazing people I’ve been able to meet and all those I’ve learned and grown from. I've really felt the Saviors love though the branch, but I’m excited to now put in my best in a new area.

I know that My Redeemer lives and he loves us. He takes care of us and keeps and safe and warm. All we have to do is turn ourselves over to the Lord, and give him our love and trust.

Love, Elder Cluster

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