Monday, November 2, 2015

Pushing through....rain & shine (mostly rain)

Hello everyone :) Things have slowed down a little throughout this last week, but it’s nothing to worry about, we'll have it up and burning again in no time!

Oct 26
Just another P-day, nothing to exciting... Today will be better! After P-day we had another really great lesson with Gemma! She is so ready for this gospel!! Unfortunately we have to push back her baptismal date though because she hasn't been able to come out to church because of college and work. :/ It’s nothing to worry about though; I know she'll get there!

Oct 27
We had one heck of a district meeting today! The zone leader and sister training leaders came down and I got to do a 20 minute instruction on Diligence! I got the group pumped up for the work buy showing them my mission call video!! :) After DM we all went out and blitzed the heck out of Greenock! I was with my trusty zone leader Elder Perkins. To put an end to the night we went to the branches epic Halloween party with Gemma. It was way fun! I dressed up as Elder Clawson… Spooky right?? All the little children dressed us up as mummies, that was exciting! 

Oct 28
Elder Clawson did a lot of district leader stuff throughout the day, but we had a successful night by teaching both Greame and Louise :)

Oct 29
Alright today sucked pretty bad. Long story short all of our appointment fell though and we ended up just talking to grumps all day. No worries though, tomorrow made up for it!

Oct 30
We started the out morning off my street contacting in City Centre.... and I found a man with a Miniature Schnauzer!!! That’s the first one I’ve been seen since I said goodbye to little puppy Paisley! Definitely a tender mercy. Later my mission mum Anne took us out for lunch and gave me a uku! Just watch, I’m gonna return from my mission as a complete pro at the ukulele! We also had a really amazing member family baptism. I was privileged to be a witness and be a part of the confirmation. What a great experience!

Oct 31
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sister Ivy!!!!
Today was something else! First we went down to Paisley because Elder Clawson had to do a baptismal interview. From Paisley we went straight to Irvine for a Zone Leadership Training (That was an awesome meeting.) Then from there we went back to the flat and did our weekly planning. Since it was Halloween we had to be in the flat by 6pm. I'm not gonna lie, it was the most boring Halloween I've had. Ever!! But hey, maybe next year will be more exciting :) 

Nov 1
Wait, its November already!? Church was great! Louise came again! 

That’s me out!! Buckle up for next week, it’s gonna be a crazy one!!    

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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