Monday, November 9, 2015

Moves Calls...And More!!

Dang, this week has definitely been one of the biggest of my mission so far! I'll squeeze in as much in as I can, but just know that thing are happening here is Scotland! 
Nov. 2
Elder Clawson and I were sick and tired of having boring P-days so we went on and epic adventure straight into the wilderness! It felt so good to get away for everything and enjoy the fresh air up in the middle of nowhere! Later we had a pretty killer lesson with Louise.

 Nov. 3
Our last district meeting before moves... Traveled down to Pollock in the morning and had a really great district meeting. We had lunch all together at this all you can get Indian/Chinese Place called Cosmos. That place is like heaven. It was hard to part because we knew out district would probably get torn apart with moves, and it did! But we'll talk about that later! We ended off our day with a lesson with the Higgins

Nov. 4
Today was HUGE! Brother Cain came down in the morning and we had a lesson with our former investigator Angela. When we came by Angela’s place, she had this crazy old lady over names Barbs.... She snuck up and kissed us on the cheek a couple times and kept telling me how handsome I was.... It was pretty freaky, but the lesson went well at least. The main event of the day was when we went down to Dunoon and taught Gamma with Bro Cain. It couldn't have gone any better! It was in that Baptist Cafe again but that didn't stop the spirit! She's totally going to be baptized!! Dang I'm Stoked!

Nov. 5
GUY FOX NIGHT.  We started our day off in Port Glasgow doing some street contacting and found three potential investigators! But that’s not all the good news, after that, we went down to the Isle of Cumbre and had lunch with some members!! It’s pretty cool when you get to hop a ferry to an island for a lunch appointment! From there it was straight back to the flat. Pres. wanted us in my 5PM because of Guy Fox Night (some weird holiday about someone trying to blow up parliament) So we enjoyed the sounds of fireworks while we endured weekly planning!
 Nov. 6
Back to Dunoon! We did some try by's, finding, and had a coordination meeting with Bro Cain. Sister Cain had just gotten back from a vacation to Turkey and shared some of her genuine Turkish Delight with me!!! It was quite the experience. After coordination our friend Billy who also lives over in Dunoon had us over for dinner where we were fed a variety of home cooked curries! Curry is a pretty big deal over here. But long story short, it was so hot I thought my face was melting.

Nov. 7
Today was pretty nuts as well, I mean, every day this week was nuts but we had fireworks this time! Another pretty big miracle happened this morning when we happened to bump into this potential investigator named Eddi we found just yesterday! One thing led to another and we found ourselves giving him a tour of the branch building and having a lesson with him!! Eddi is a Druid, I didn't even know that was still a thing, but he's gonna be a Mormon soon! The Branch all got together and went down to a big firework show. We got three investigators to come so we were able to go too!! (Gemma, Louise, and her partner) Fireworks have always been my favorite... I soaked up every last second of it!

Nov. 8    MOVES CALL
Sunday was just insane. Church was awesome; we had both Eddi and Louise come. Our Gospel Principles class was on fire!! After church was pretty rough, it’s hard to get your mind off of the suspense of moves call! During a lesson we had with Greame the Zone Leaders called and pranked us saying we were both staying together in Greenock! It was pretty messed up, and we didn’t end up getting the actual call for another two ours! We were at the Higgins when it happened....... Wait for it........... Elder Clawson’s outta here and will be staying in Greenock another five weeks with an English Elder named Elder Macfarlane! Elder Clawson is going down South to Stranrear. The time Elder Clawson and I spent together was real but I’m excited for what the Lord had in store for us throughout this next transfer!

Well there ya have it folks! Keep praying for us, we're gonna need it!!  Love, Elder Cluster

PS. The sun goes down at about 4:30 these days.... It’s Dark, Wet, and Cold. I like it :)

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