Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moves Call!

What a week! From driving all over the west coast, getting a new suit, speaking in sacrament meeting, and a moves call it’s been a heck of a ride!

Feb 22th
In the morning Elder Harman and I hit the Gym, and then hit the road for a long drive down to Irvine. We spend P-day with our ZLs kicking some American Footballs and checking out some stores. Elder Harman and I ended up with  two new Swagin' Suits! No doubt we were the best lookin kids on this side of the pound! Finishing of the night, Elder Perkins and I got some good old fashion Street Contacting done. Elder Harman and I spent the night in Irvine.

Feb 23rd
Bright and early on Tuesday I drove the crew down to Ayr for District Meeting, it was a good time. The best part was when a member got us free lunch at their bakery! After DM we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Gates and we had a good time doing lots of finding! Elder Harman and I had a long drive home then had a wonderful dinner with the Corigan family.

Feb 24th
Wednesday was more driving, this time out to Kirkowen for a great lesson with Kevin. Later on we moved some of our junk to our new flat, and then did service for a deaf man with a ridiculously heavy couch! We ended the night off teaching a grand lesson to a less active.

Feb 25th
More finding in the morning, then we got ourselves officially moved into our new flat! That was one glorious moment... In the afternoon we were supposed to have a lesson with Vicky but that fell through, so we ended up having a lesson with our recent convert instead. After that we hunted down some less active members, then tackled weekly planning.

Feb 26th
Today we had another lesson with Kevin, we taught him about the Sabbath day because getting him to church is our main barrier. It’s pretty frustrating because he lives out in a distant village and the bus only comes once every 4 or 5 hours... After that we drove back to Ayr for Elder Harman to have a baptismal interview with the Ayr sister’s investigator. The man passed with flying colors. After that, and we hurried home for a killer youth activity.

Feb 27
First we had another long drive back to Irvine; we picked up the ZL's and hit the road back down to Ayr for two different baptisms in the district! It was way exciting! Afterwards we traveled home to Stranraer and had a lesson with Martine. It was a miracle! We though he had fallen off the face of the earth! This was the first time we had heard from him in 2 weeks. We ended the night with some chapping. On the way home I ended up with a group of 14 year old girls telling me I was "fit" and yelling their numbers at me. We tried to ignore them, and hurry home to our flat!

Feb 28th
Sunday was something else! Our investigators were all a bunch of wasters and didn't bother to show up to church, and I had to give the talk in sacrament meeting last minute! (We only have one talk because if we did more than that you'd be talking every week!) I did it on Charity the Pure Love of Christ. I was happy with the way it went! The craziest part of the night was when we got our “moves call.” I was pretty certain we would both be staying together in Stranraer seeing as Elder Harman had only been here for two Transfers and I was only with my last two companions for a few weeks. But I was wrong, and they're sending Elder Harman to the Republic of Ireland. It was a sad moment, we had some good times together but I hear change is good. My new companion's name is Elder Hoppe, He is a crazy x military German! I'm sure we'll be an interesting companionship to say the least!

I'm almost out of time on the computer but thank you all for your prayers, it sure means a lot! Love you all -Elder Cluster

PS This is my new address!

Elder Brycen Cluster
28 Galloway Avenue
Scotland UK

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