Monday, March 21, 2016

One Solid Week 3/21/16

It’s been one solid week! All the way from St. Patrick's Day to Vicky passing her baptismal interview!

Monday was good stuff. P-day was fun, Elder Hoppe and I ended up going on a nice walk on the beach with a member because the sun was shining! Later on we tried by a Baptist we ran into the other day and set up an appointment with him for this week, we also did our weekly planning.

Mar. 15th
This morning we woke up at 5am and buckled our seatbelts for a long drive to Paisley for a Zone conference. It was a really good meeting, we learned how to better use scriptures when teaching the restoration so we can get some return appointments! After the conference I drove home on exchange with a big teddy bear named Elder Martine. The sun had set by the time we made it back to Stranraer but everything worked out and Elder Martine I and met up with Vicky for her baptismal interview. SHE PASSED!! She even gave a spiritual thought at the end. She has come a long way; I am so excited for her! Elder Martine and I finished off the night with a trip to the Chippy for some Fish and Chips.

Mar. 16th
First thing in the morning Elder Martine and I did a killer leg work out, and then we waddled out of the flat and drove back down to Irvine to finish our exchange. Elder Hoppe and I had to take a different way home so we could get to a village on time to teach our friend Kevin. The whole way down we were on this crazy single track road, it was a windy little sucker but it was a lot of fun! Tonight we ate a load of food... First some less actives has us over for a hot curry, and then our friend from the Czech Republic surprised us with a dish called "gluasch" And I thought Scottish food was weird!

Mar. 17th
Today I drove to Ayr and picked up Elder Hoops for another Exchange. Afterword’s we traveled to Kirkcowon and taught Kevin the Word of Wisdom. He took it all on board but it was pretty awkward when we rolled around to the coffee bit because he happened to be sipping a cup right then! Today we also had a coordination meeting then did lots of chapping. We chapped into an atheist with a giant "God Loves You" tattoo on his arm. It was pretty ironic....

Mar. 18th
Went back to Ayr, got Elder Hoppe and then made it back to Stranraer and took the car in to a body shop from some damage one of the past missionary's caused. It was a big pain in the butt, but my mood was brightened when some members had us over for a good steak dinner!

Mar. 19th
Today was loads of chapping. The highlight of the day was definitely when we met up with Vicky to have a lesson and found that she brought a friend! Her friend Chloey was really nice, we taught her the Restoration and she said she would be baptized once she knew it was true! We also had weekly planning...

Mar. 20th
Sunday's are always good, we had a sorta investigator girl named Rachel come to church and that was cool. Today was also a lot of finding but that weather was nice so I didn't mind. We saw Vicky again tonight, we found out that we might have to push her baptismal date back again and that was pretty sad but she'll get there so it’s okay!

Well,I better run before the library lady comes and kicks me off! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Cluster

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