Monday, March 7, 2016

Long Drives, Lost Sister, and New Companion

It’s been one exhausting week! However like normal we are low on time, so let’s drive right in!
Feb 29th
My last P-day with Elder Harman, we did the usual p day stuff and spent some time at the Gym, and then it was Cleaning, Packing, and saying some Goodbyes!
Mar 1st
After we finished up with all the Cleaning, Packing, and saying some Goodbyes We had the chance to give a member a blessing. Giving blessings is just the best! Later we packed up the luggage and traveled down to Irvine to spend the night. 
Mar 2nd
Wednesday (Moves Day) was absolutely insane!! I must have traveled back and forth over the West Coast a dozen times. I spent so much time driving that I’m still trying to get feeling in my butt again! First we all woke up extra early and started to make our way to Glasgow to drop off Elder Harman to his bus for the ferry, and picked up some other missionaries. As we were on our way to the bus terminal we see his bus driving in the opposite direction! We missed the bus!! A couple minutes later we get a call from our Zone Leaders freaking out and saying that we need flip around and race that bus to Ayr so we get everyone on! It was a Christmas Miracle but with a led foot we were able to beat it to the next stop. (Look for me in fast and furious 8) Next I picked up the Ayr Sisters and dropped them off at a train Station where I also picked up a new missionary then started to make my way back up to Glasgow. We made it safely then went on a hunt for the Glasgow Elders, after running all over the city we found them and I drove the whole crew up to another train station and picked up my new companion Elder Hoppe. I thought it was all over and tackled the long drive back home to Stranraer. We must of had a solid 30 min to take up the bags and have a quick bite to eat (The only food I had all day) When we get a call from the AP's Saying there is a sister who had missed her Ferry from Ireland and will be docking on the late ferry in 10 minutes. At this point it is 7pm and we have to rush down to this ferry to catch a sister who has no phone is and planning to get on a wrong bus that will take her to Glasgow. I don't think I’ve ever moved so fast in my life but we managed to catch her just in time! Now we are flying down to a train station to catch a train that should we leaving just a couple minutes later. As we rolled into the parking lots we just missed the train slowly driving into the distance. Elder Hoppe and I had to drive the sister back up to Ayr..... By the time we got there is was 10Pm so after dropping her off we went to Irvine and spent the night. 

Mar 3rd 
Elder Hoppe and I got up this morning still completely spent from all the craziness and took the road trip back home to Stranraer. Today we had a stellar lesson with Vicky where we set for up with a new baptismal date for Mar 19th. (Please pray for her that she will be able to make that date)  As for the rest of the night we had lots of finding to do.

Mar 4th
In the morning was a lesson with Kevin and loads of try by's! We ended up managing a lesson with our friend Martin and a new investigator named Sandy.
 Mar 5th
Saturday was good stuff! Elder Hoppe and I went for a nice jog in the morning (He got some crazy blisters all over his feet!) It felt amazing to go on a nice scenic run through the country side of Stranraer!  We had two really good lessons with a man named Dave and another with Vicky!

Mar 6th
Sunday.... There was a miracle at church today! First I was pretty down because neither Kevin nor Vicky showed; back later on during sacrament came in Dave! What a champ! And is that wasn’t enough a couple minutes later come in a girl named Kim looking for help... She cried through the whole service and invited us over to teach!! At this point I’m already on cloud 9, but then another kid walks in saying he learnt from the missionaries a long time ago, he said he prayed asking for help and direction and just felt like he needed to come! We will be teaching him soon too. What a Blessing. Today also happened to be one of the most spiritual testimony meetings I've ever been a part of!

 Miracles are happening here in Stranraer. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. 
PS.  My companion is VERY German! He is still working on his English but he is a great kid and a very hard worker! I'm sure it'll be a good 6 weeks.

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