Monday, February 22, 2016

Broken Shower, Chapping, Stake Conference, and More

It’s been another really great week out in the country side! Everyday has been a new adventure and lesson learned.

Feb 15th 
P-day was great! Elder Harman and I went to the Gym again because you don't get half the exercise you should when you have a car! We also got our shower fixed, and had a wonderful lesson with Vicky. We are going into deeper detail on the Restoration. The only bad part was when I jumped into the shower and somehow ended up braking the glass door... We spend the next little while going on a wild goose chase all over Stranraer for looking for a shower curtain; I never thought that would be something so hard to get a hold of!

Feb 16 
I got back in the shower, and the shower broke.... I swear this place hates me. After taking a freezing cold bath we took a road trip out to Ayr for district meeting. It was the first one I’ve had in ages! It was really good getting to know the other missionaries. After DM we took the Ayr Elders down to Stranraer with us for a Blitz/Exchange. We mostly just chapped doors in a crazy storm, but it was still fun stuff!

Feb 17
In the morning was another journey back up to Ayr to drop off the other missionaries, afterwards we rushed back down to see Kevin, but caught him as he was headed out the door, so we only got a 5 minute hello. The only other real excitement of the day was when we went down to a used furniture place to try and find some mattresses for the flat we are going to move into. We went down with a member we call Mumma Nance and she talked the prices down and got us a killer deal!

Feb 18
For most of the day we were tracking down less active members who have supposedly moved into our area throughout the year, we couldn't really find any of them but we did run into a couple crazy atheists and that's always quite the experience! We also had coordination meeting and did weekly planning! 

Feb 19th
We did lots of finding today and moved all our missionary supplies to our new flat. Oh yeah and we ran into another insane atheist... Those things are hostile! 

Feb 20th
First thing today was a rockin recent convert lesson with Dayna. After that we got lost trying to find a potential... eventually we got lost and just decided to chap some doors. The very first and only door we knocked was a man named Sandy who invited us in and let us teach the Restoration! That’s what I call Jesus taking the wheel right there! Later we drove down to Port William and had a nice visit with an old man named David, then garbed our stuff and hurried down to Irvine to spend the night for Stake Conference Sunday morning! 

 Feb 21st
The day of Stake Conference. In the morning was more driving, this time to Paisley. I couldn't believe my eyes when the first family I saw as I came through the doors was the Higgins! What a blessing that was, that family has had a huge impact on me, and it felt amazing catching up with them. Not only that but Gavin was ordained an Elder after church and received the Melchizedek Priesthood! The blessings continued to come through the door, next came Eddie, and Gemma, along with many other friend I made while in Greenock! It was hard to say goodbye again to them again, but after procrastinating it for as long as I could we were back on the road to Stranrear.

It’s been a wonderful week full of incredible blessings, I know the Lords hand was been a part of every step! Tune in next week for more family fun and move's call!

Love, Elder Cluster

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