Monday, March 14, 2016

Hastening the Work in Stranraer

It has been a very busy, very fast pace week! There have been even more road trips and some miracles to boot! 
Blue Sky...It's a Miracle!! 

Mar 7th
Today Elder Hoppe couldn't really move because of his blistery feet so p-day wasn't anything too exciting. We managed to get all the normal P-day to-do's done and then had a good time relaxing :) Later on we were stood up for a lesson with the girl that came into church last week. We finished off the night by drinking our sorrows away with a good cup of hot coco at the Branch President’s House!

Mar 8th
Tuesday morning was the regular trek to Ayr for District meeting and it was probably the weirdest district meeting I’ve ever been too... I'm still trying to figure out what was even going on! When we got back to Stranraer we had a lesson with our good friend Sandy. The lesson went great up until the end when he randomly decided he wasn't interested anymore and dropped us.... But that's just life I guess. We got some try by's done and helped Martin more a massive old school TV. Afterwards I made like speed racer down to Killmarnock to spend the night so the travel to Edinburgh for a leadership conference would be less brutal.

Mar 9th
The Alarm rang at 4:30am and I found myself back on the road to Edinburgh. The roads and the traffic in Edinburgh are terrible, and it’s a miracle we made it there and back alive.... While in Edinburgh I got to spend a lot of time doing Street contacting with Greenies! It was a lot of fun, but the best part was when I spotted a little corner store that read "Street Mexican Food" I shouted for joy and instantly got a group of other missionaries together for a burrito! It wasn't anything close to genuine Mexican food but it’s nice to know someone in Scotland is trying! Later on we got Elder Hoppe to a doctor for his feet where he got some antibiotics and then it was a 4 hour drive back to Stranraer...

Mar 10th
Today we taught our investigator Vicky about blessings on the beach! It was fairly cold and windy, but we stayed dry to everyone was happy. We also had a wonderful dinner appointment, did some finding, and then had a blast at a youth activity! 

Mar 11th
Friday morning we went up to Kirkcowen and taught our friend Kevin about the Temple and Family History. He ate it up and loved the idea of doing temple work for his ancestors! We got some things done like finding and coordination meeting, but the big shocker of the day was when we got a phone call from someone we are teaching saying he is on his way to burn down the hospital because his doctor won’t give him a sick note! We raced over to him and found him with a can of gasoline... Don't worry, we talked him out of it and got him sorted with his sick note.

Mar 12th
Not really much to report on for Saturday, we spent a lot of time chapping then finished the night off in Port William. We had a wonderful lesson with Dave and invited him to Branch conference.

Mar 13th
Sunday, Church was amazing today! It was branch conference and we had a good share of Stake leaders come down which doubled the size or our branch! Dave came, Kim came, and Vicky came! One of the best parts was when Dayna told me about the testimony Vicky gave at a youth “thingme” this week. She bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon and told everyone about her baptism! It was music to my ears!  To top it all off we had a “munch and mingle” with haggis rolls. (A linger longer Scottish style!) 

Later throughout the day we received a phone call from Dayna and Vicky saying they really need to talk to us. We met up with them at a pond and apparently Vicky’s Catholic mum doesn’t want her baptized... It was pretty sad stuff but, it’s all good because we’ll just have to wait and do it on March 25th (Her 18th B-day) We also got to spend some time going over the baptismal interview questions with her.

Well there's another week for ya! Please keep Vicky and her mum in your prayers. Miss and love you all,

Love, Elder Cluster   

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