Monday, February 1, 2016

White Washed Out of Livingston

What a week! From Move's call to getting a nice big carvery at the Pub, it was action packed every day, and lots memories were made!

Jan 25th
Did the normal P-day stuff, and then met up with Pres. Henderson from the stake. What a cool guy! He took us out to this pub to get a carvery. It was delish! I don't know how I’m going to live without carveries back home! After getting the meat sweats from an over dose on gammon, we drove around visiting lots of Less Actives! 

Jan 26th
In the morning we took the train down to the mission home for our last district meeting together, it was a good one! Afterwards I did more paperwork in the mission office while the rest went down and did some work in Livingston. A few hours later they picked me up and took me to Coordination meeting. Then I ate some food and slept like a baby.

Jan 27th
Back to the mission home! This time they had every zone leader in the mission over in a big MLC conference! Even the ones over in Ireland flew over. And to my surprise my best buddy Kat was there from Paisley! She was the best helper, mostly in helping me stay entertained and not going crazy! It was fun having lunch with all the crew in the mission home. It was another day of awesome food and then the Leith Elders picked me up and drove us down to Five Guys for dinner! Spent the night in Leith. 

Jan 28th
Today was one heck of an adventure! I was dropped back off to the mission home in the morning, expecting to do the same old paper work junk, but there was a change of plans!! Elder and Sister Broughten took me with them to a cookie factory to pick up some of the missions favorite biscuits! I finally got to see where all the magic happens! They took me back, and not even 20 minutes later President Donaldson comes in, and invites me to go on a drive down to Glasgow and back (On Official Business of course) So there it was, just President, Sister Donaldson, and I on a road trip in to Glasgow. Being in a mission that is so spread out, you’re lucky to get a couple of minutes with president every couple of months, and here I was getting some serious bonding time! What a blessing. I finished the night off right with a game of Uno in Leith.

Jan 29th 
We traveled back to Livingston with the Leith Elders in the morning, and had lunch with my mission mum Anne! Pizza and Iron Bru. It was on point. As far as the rest of the day was concerned, we did a lot of work in the area book and tried to survive the crazy weather!

Jan 30th
I got to spend a bit more time on my feet today! It still hurts pretty badly, but its lots better than it was a week ago! We helped some members move into Bathgate, there was this funny little kid there that kept making Star Wars references with me! The Boyles had us over tonight for Chinese, I got some pineapple chicken stuff! The Chinese is nothing like back home, but was pretty good considering. As I'm writing this week’s email I'm starting to understand where all this weight came from...

 Jan 31st
The day of moves call... Church was a lot of fun, unfortunately we didn't have any investigators there, but our spirits were lifted when we got to teach the primary class! Kids are crazy! After church President Henderson offered to give us a ride home, but he ended up taking us back to his home for a Mexican lunch! It was the first time I’ve had Mexican in over 7 Months! Not only that but he had some homemade root beer for us!! As if the excitement wasn't already too much to handle, then came the call. "We are White Washing Livingston" What the flip!? I just got here! Elder Blosil is going to the Republic of Ireland, and I am headed back to the West Coast, a place along the borders of England called Stranrear. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I trust that it is where the Lord needs me. And on the bright side, we have a car! 

And between it all we've been getting beaten and torn apart from the tail end of the storm that hit New York. It’s funny how they even blame the weather on America over here!! Well, we better head out, its sounds like the Library is about to fall on our heads. Or ours “heeds” as the Scottish would say! 
I'll be sending out my new address next week, Love you all!
Love, Elder Cluster

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