Monday, February 15, 2016

Scenic Adventures and Kevin Has a Baptismal Date!

It’s been a wonderful week here in Stranraer!  I'm low on time so I’ll just dive right in!

Feb 8th
Had some serious P-day swag today, did the normal emails, shopping, and cleaning, then Elder Harman and I got big at the gym, it was fun stuff! We also visited a member and had a great lesson with Vicky! We had to have it at the park so we were are all freezing cold but the Holy Ghost warmed our souls ;)

Feb 9th
Today was solid! First we had the boiler man over; he fixed our heating so we already had an awesome start to the day! Next up was a wonderful lesson with Kevin, we taught a wonderful lesson on the plan of salvation and he soaked it up! After our lesson we had a beautiful drive through the countryside to a nice little village with an amazing view and a legit light house! It was call "Mull of Gallaway" you can Google it if you want to have your mind blown! We did a lot of chapping there then made it back to Stranraer in time for our lesson with my favorite friend from the Czech Republic.

Feb 10th
We did loads of chapping today! Nothing too interesting... we got a bit of sunshine though!!

Feb 11th
More chapping, but this time in the most stunning little village I've ever seen! A place called Port Patrick; we got a lovely view up by Donald Trumps mansion! Later on we tried by loads of less actives, then finished off the night with some weekly planning.

Feb 12th
We got to do some service today and dropped by a member’s home to take out there dogs, it was a lot of fun, and made me miss my pup! We also had another lesson with Vicky and did more chapping. Get this, when we were coming into our flat for the night this dude came running up from nowhere and starting getting in my face and yelling about how he is our neighbor and that he heard a bang at 12AM. This guy was completely insane! We kept trying to tell him we weren't even awake at that time and he just kept freaking out and saying he was going to call the police! (Because of his accent I thought he was saying "I'll have your place" I was even more confused!) We were eventually able to get away from him, but I was extremely tempting to punch him in the face a couple times....

Feb 13th
In the morning we had another lesson with Kevin. We committed him to be baptized on March 5th! It was exciting stuff, he's a promising one! We did lots more finding today but it wasn't bad, we got to go on more scenic drives and those are always fun!

 Feb 14th
Sunday was interesting, church is weird here, and it feels next to impossible to get our investigators out! We get to sit on comfy coaches for sacrament though, that's gotta be a plus!  The main highlight of the day was when the Mc Lean family had us over for a wonderful Sunday dinner.

Things are looking up, my foots getting better, the days are getting longer, and there are great things on the horizon!

Love, Elder Cluster 

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