Monday, February 8, 2016

It’s been one wild week! 2-8-16

It’s been one wild week! Adventures are on their way! 

Feb 1st
Monday was probably one of the most hectic p-days I’ve had! We said a lot of goodbyes. It was hard to say goodbye to the Reids and to Natasha. A lot of good memories were made with them! We had a solid farewell and testimony lesson with Natasha! The rest of the night was mostly made up of writing notes for the new missionaries coming in. 6 Pages should do!

Fed 2nd
Did some cleaning, then met my mission mum Anne at Tony Macaroni's for lunch! That was some dang good Italian food! The best part was this tootie fruity Sunday I had for desert! It was celestial... We had another tender goodbye, and then made our way over to Ann-Maries for another last lesson. Pretty similar to the one we had with Natasha! These new Elders coming in are pretty lucky! It was a long night packing..... didn't end up getting to bed till 12:30! That probably doesn't sound that bad but it’s pretty ridiculous in the mission world!

Feb 3rd
Moves day! Woke up at 4AM and slowly made our way down to the train station. Trying to move three suitcases, my bag, and a guitar all with my bad foot was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I must have had a lot of help from on high because I somehow made it to the mission home! I said goodbye to Elder Blosil as he got on a bus, and spent some time with all the new Greenies! It was a strange experience, feels like I was just in their shoes the other day! To kill some time we got a group to and tossed around a Frisbee for a while, it was good fun and felt amazing outside! Soon enough I found myself on a train to Glasgow with Elder Tang. When we arrived we met up with the Paisley ZLs, the Ayr Elders, and my new companion Elder Harmon! From there we took another train to Ayr and picked up our car! I was thrilled until I found out I was the driver.... That'll be interesting. We drove down to Irvine, got some Vanilla Joe's Ice cream with the ZL's and the sisters, then spent the night in Irvine's flat.

Feb 4th
We headed on a long and very beautiful drive through the country side to Stranrear. I managed to settle into my new flat. This thing in ancient, and it smells terrible.... Hopefully it'll grow on me; all I know is there's a lot of weird junk growing in it! Later we did some weekly planning, chapped around, and had a lesson with our investigator Victoria, she seems cool.

Feb 5th
We took a long drive to a small village to chap. That’s pretty much what we do here, drive to some remote village and chap in the rain. Most people hate that stuff but I’m lovin it! We chapped into a man named Kevin who invited us in, and let us teach the Restoration! After wards we realized we weren't even in the same village we thought we were. The GPS had taken us somewhere completely different. Jesus literally took the wheel. What a blessing! We Taught Vicky again, I met a funny man from Czechoslovakia, and then we went to a basket ball activity with Vicky and a recent convert! It was a lot of fun, first time I’ve seen a basket ball in 7 months! It was a shame I couldn't really get into it with my foot. 
PS. our shower broke this morning and we are already starting to stink...

Feb 6th
Took another 30 minute drive down to see Kevin where we had another awesome lesson, he said he would come to church! Later we helped a kind older member named Duncan pack up and get ready to move. One of our only members is headed off to Aberdeen. It’s pretty sad, but we on the bright side we might be getting his flat soon! Another highlight was meeting up with this grandpa named David in a different village. David is a cool guy, but he has the creepiest house ever!  He had paintings of some pretty bizarre stuff, and had them framed all over the place. Not to mention all the freaky dolls hidden in every corner!

Feb 7th
Got ready for church and headed down to the Old Folks Day Center. That’s where our branch meets for church... It made sense when I found out we only have 8 members, and one of them is moving today... It didn't even feel like church to be honest, but it was a really cool experience! David came though so we might get turn it into a full fledged ward soon enough ;) I also had the coldest shower of my life today! Oh yeah and now the heating isn't working either. I feel like I’m serving in the arctic at the moment!

Stranrear is definitely something new, but I’m excited to see what it has in store! Change is good right? Thank you for your prayers, I know great things are to come!

Love, Elder Cluster

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