Monday, January 25, 2016

A rubbish foot makes for a hectic week!

This week had been something else! Ya mess up your foot, and they start bussin ya all over Scotland! Apart from what seemed like endless hours of folding paper it was actually a very adventure and fun week!

Jan 18th 
Because the AP's happened to be in Ireland all week, we got their car! It was a pretty average P-day, couldn't really do much with my foot. We were picked up in the morning by the Leith elders, did some shopping, and then headed down to the mission home where we ordered a pizza! I ended the night with Elder Stevens; we took the car and tried by loads of less actives! We spend the night in Leith's flat.

Jan 19th
I was dropped off at the Mission Home in the morning where I folded an endless supply of baptismal calendars’ till about 5:30pm. Elder Stevens picked me up and we were back at the try by's in the AP's car. Things got crazy fast when we turned down a heavily congested street! The roads here are too ridiculously small! When a car was coming at us from the other direction we had no choice but to pull into the front of the flat complex to let the pass. Little did we know it was all mud. When we tried to back out the tires was just spin and dig us in deeper. Elder Stevens was trying to push the car while I was reversing when this insane woman come out yelling at the top of her lungs!! Apparently we were in her spot and her son was coming home soon, or something along those lines. I couldn't really understand much of what she was saying to be honest. It took ages but eventually we found these two kind Indian men who helped us push the car back onto the road! We won’t be driving that way again anytime soon! Then I spent the night in the Mission Home with Elder Stevens.

Jan 20th
More Folding and office work... However at 5pm we had an amazing worldwide missionary broadcast at the church! The theme was "Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts" It was two hours of straight up revelation! I Spent the night at the Mission Home again.

Jan 21st
More papers, More old ladies... slowly starting to lose my mind. At this point I’m starting to think and am about ready just to cut my foot off. Spent the night in Leith 

 Jan 22nd
Today was much more exciting! Instead of folding the paper, I was laminating it!! I also got to help wash the bottom windows of the church! The evening was amazing! I was with Elder Stevens in Leith, we decided to give my feet a wee test and do some street contacting. We got two super prepared potentials and experienced the crazy drunk man yelling at us to "Beware of the quite one..." The foot started hurting pretty bad again so we hoped in the car and treated ourselves to Five Guys with YSA  Elders. Five Guys here is super expensive but was better than back home. Besides for their fries, or chips as they would say. Those weren't that great. I spent the night in the Mission Home. My brother Austin also returned home from his mission today! What a Stud! I've been blessed to the max to have him as such an awesome brother, and example. I now stand as the lone Elder Cluster :(

Jan 23rd
Started the day off with weekly planning, and then called nearly everyone in the area book and I iced my foot. The evening was wonderful! The church put on a Burns Supper! It was probably the most Scottish thing I have ever seen! Apart from the Highland Coo's of course. Bagpipes, Kilts, Neips, Tatties, shortbread and of course, the Haggis! They did some strange ritual for it and everything! They started by piping it in on a silver platter, rehearsing a long and painful poem, then stabbing it!! It was loads of fun, and to top it all off they had what seemed like an endless supply of Iron Bru! It felt amazing to sleep in my own bad again!

Jan 24th
 Church, Church was great! Natasha came!! I spent the night with some members resting my foot while Elder Blosil did some try by's with the ward mission leader. I felt supper spoiled when I found out the Argentinean visitors were coming over to fix us up some traditional dishes!! I couldn't tell ya what it was we had, but it tasted amazing! 

There ya have it, a week in the life of a cripple! I'm happy to say that my foot is starting to feel better, I can now walk on it for short periods and I know it will be back to normal in no time! Thank you all for your prayers, it had made all the difference! Love you all!!

PS stay tuned for next week’s episode "The Moves Call" 

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