Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s been a fairly decent week; Livingston has taught me that you can find adventure anywhere if you look hard enough for it!

Dec. 28th
Had a good P-day doing normal P-day stuff, mostly cleaning up from the craziness of Christmas! We finished the night off right with dinner at Dan the Hot Dog Man's. (Our favorite Lutheran Hot Dog Vendor)  

Dec. 29th
I had my first district meeting with my new district today! Our district is only made up of two teams... i didn't think that was even possible but the good news is that it’s at the mission home so I still get to see loads of other missionary's! Later on we had a lesson with our investigator Ann-Marie, it was mostly just made up of her partner grilling us with questions but it was good fun!
Patch Crowe from Beyond 5 is in my Distinct (That's for you Ivy) 

Dec. 30th
In the afternoon I was able to have pizza with my favorite missionary mum and open the rest of my Christmas presents! I got some Poo-Pourri! We chapped lots of doors then visited some nice Elderly members in the ward, he pretty much just went on and on about the war... it was pretty hard to stay awake but I gave it my best effort!
Dec. 31st

In the morning we had weekly planning, which was even harder to stay awake for then the war stories... But later on we were able to visit a less active then had dinner with the one and only Jimmy Reid. Jimmy has got the biggest heart, I love the guy! Then Elder Blosil and I celebrated New Years Eve by going to bed early.

Jan. 1st Happy New years!! President let us use this day to have a bit of fun with the members! We spend most of it over at the Campbell's playing monopoly and a competitive game of spoons! Later on Dan the hotdog man had us back over for dinner and football! Watch the BYU vs Utah game... that was intense!

Jan. 2nd
Early on we had coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, and then came the chapping! We knocked a couple hundred doors then spent some time with an old widow in the ward. She's a sweet old lady; we had great fun with her as she helped us make a card for our mums!

Jan. 3rd
Fast Sundays are always a growing/humbling experience, we had pretty good day chapping doors and picking up mail at a vacant missionary flat in Bathgate. (They removed the sisters from our ward and now our area is twice as big!!) And I thought Greenock was a big area...

All in all we had a pretty good week; I’ve got a feeling that next week will be better though! I'm excited to see the work in Livingston start to grow :) 

I Love you and hope you all have an amazing week!

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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