Wednesday, January 20, 2016

They tell me I have tendonitis :(

This week has been something else! For the most part it’s been pretty boring to be honest, but there have definitely been moments of excitement!
Jan 11th
Just another ordinary P-Day... shopping, cleaning, email, etc.

 Jan 12th
Today was a good full day! First we traveled to district meeting early in the morning, learned lots about missionary stuff! After DM we had lunch in the mission home with the Zone Leaders, they made us a curry! After lunch Elder Blosil and I did lots of finding in Edinburgh as I waited for a doctor's appointment. Sister Donaldson had set up an appointment for some problems I have been having with my foot. It was an awkward moment when a nurse called me into a room and pulled me away from my companion, but it was even worse when she took off my sock and started rubbing my feet! She finally came to the conclusion that I had a bad case of tendonitis and was to stay off of my feet for a minimum of 10 days!! In other words this week’s going to go by very slowly.... Despite the bad news we still ended the night off right with a lesson with both Natasha and Ann-Marie! 

Jan 13th
In the morning I limped over to the church where we made a poster for an activity we'll be doing next month. Later we had dinner with the Jacks! She fed us lots of traditional Scottish food; it must have been a four course meal because she just kept bringing more and more out! 

Jan 14th
Today we had lunch with my favorite mission mum Anne! And then it was down to Edinburgh. We met up with the Leith Elders and taught their investigator from France in the coffee shop! She had a super heavy accent, it was awesome! After the lesson I went on exchange with Elder Stevens and went to the mission home where we had a meeting with sister Donaldson and the Zone Leaders about what they were going to do with me while I’ve got a dud foot. The conclusion was that I’d be spending a lot of time folding papers with the senior sisters in the mission home.... Sister Donaldson was amazing and drove us to a Boosts and got me a fancy insole for my shoes! She also made dinner for us; it was a really cool experience having dinner with just president and his wife! For dessert I was fed Christmas pudding, now that's weird stuff! It was kinda like gooey fruit cake with custard! I taught a lesson with the zone leaders to one of their investigators then spent the night in the mission home.

Jan 15th
Friday was much more fun than I expected! First I went mad folding baptismal calendars, but later I got to go on a four hour drive to drop off the Unfreeze Elders with Elder Stevens! That was one beautiful drive!! I was surprised with how much snow there was going through the hills! I love road trips, and not many missionaries get to go down to the borders of England! That’s not all the excitement though; a member had us over for dinner tonight and gave me a can of A&W root beer!!! I guess they had family up from the US and they shared their spoils!


Jan 16th
The Leith Elders came up today to help us out with the work in Livingston (because I'm a dud) So Elder Blosil and the others went out and did some work while I had a long coordination meeting and hung out with our ward mission leader. Ended the night with another killer lesson with Ann-Marie 

Jan 17th
Church was nice; Anne-Marie was there for sacrament meeting! Besides that Sunday was super long for me. I sorted through the area book and wasted away with a member while Elder Blosil did some try by's with the ward mission leader. 
Well there ya have it folks! This week is looking like a lot more time folding papers with the ladies, so pray for me please... 

Love, Elder Cluster

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