Monday, January 11, 2016

We have snow in Scotland!

All in all it’s been another wonderful week! Some of the highlights being a Zone Conference, A Blitz exchange in Edinburgh, and some snow!

Jan 4th
The libraries were down again because of another bank holiday. This meant we have to take turns on the computer at the church; it took ages and made for one very boring Pday! The rest of the night was wonderful though, my mission mum took us out to a restaurant call Beef Eater!

Jan 5th
Tuesday was a lot of fun! We got up early and headed down to Edinburgh for a Zone Conference. The instructions are great, but my favorite part was getting to spend a bit of time with our mission president! The fun doesn't stop there; afterwards we took the train back to Livingston, met up with our ward mission leader, and got a chippy for dinner! I love me a chippy with an Iron Bru! Then we headed down to Ann-Marie's and had a lovely lesson on the book of Mormon!

Jan 6th
We mainly just chapped today; it wasn't all bad; we met a nice old lady who was determined to give us some tea! We ended the night with a lesson at ___. It was a pretty discouraging one. She hasn't made any progressing quieting her smoking, and has a really hard time taking in the lessons.

Jan 7th
The day started out with weekly planning, and then went to chapping, but eventually we found ourselves at Anne Marie's, she gave me a free haircut and we got to have a good chat with her partner about the BOM!

Jan 8th
Friday was exhausting and super successful! Elder Blosil and I went down to Edinburgh to go on and exchange with the zone leaders and to Blitz the city. I was nice to get to street contact again! The only bad part was that's all we did all day! We had a great time though; all together we found 21 potentials! And here's the best part, they had an amazing lesson with someone I found named Olivia just the other day, and she already has a baptismal date! I had a good feeling about her from the start! I also got to spend the night in the mission home for the first time.

Jan 9th
The ZL's gave us a lift back home, and to all of our surprise, it snowed! The Edinburgh elders felt a bit ripped off but I was ecstatic! Of course it only lasted a couple hours till it rained again but I’ll take what I can get! We also had Coordination meeting, and had Chinese takeway for dinner (which is completely different from the Chinese back home by the way) then finished the night by having another lesson with Ann-M. We got to teach the Plan of Salvation this time, and even the kids stuck around for it!

Jan 10th
Sunday was a bit disappointing, no investigators at church again. But looking on the bright side the Sunday school teacher had us reenact the story of Nephi and his Brothers getting the brass plates. I was Nephi and had a lot of fun chopping off Laban’s head!

Well there ya have it folks, it’s been a pretty solid one, but better things are on their way! Thank you for sending your love and prayers!

Love, Elder Cluster

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