Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Adventures in Greenock 8-31-15

Hello everyone! Are you ready to read about another intense week in Greenock!? The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here!!

Monday 24th - Had a pretty sucky P-day

Tuesday 25th - My Two month mark!!!
I can’t believe I’ve already been out for two whole months! Feels like I was hopping off the plane just yesterday! I don’t know where the time goes! Tuesday was kinda disappointing. Our branch president picked us up and we “tried by” five people, four of them didn’t answer, and the one who did, didn’t want to talk.... I felt bad because president had to drive an hour just to get to our flat!

Wednesday 26th - All Scotland West and Elder Tullis
Wednesday we had an awesome conference in Paisley. Like 80 percent of the entire mission in Scotland! It was awesome to see a bunch of my buddy's from the MTC! Elder Clawson and I were chosen to do a little talk on faith. It was pretty last minute but we did awesome!  It was so cool to be able to look down at so many other missionaries, and see them all taking notes on what I had to say!

After the conference I took Elder Tullis (another one of my buddies from the MTC) back to Greenock with me on exchange! We had a great time; I am able to talk to him kinda like I was able to talk to Zach. It felt really nice!

Thursday 27th - The Breath Taking Clide
We had a lesson with one of our two investigators. That was pretty fun! We are helping her get off drugs, but can’t get her to pray, or come to church... it’s hard because she’s not all there, if you know what I mean. Besides that we pretty much just did a bunch of finding. We talked to a bunch of people down by the Clide while the sun was setting. It was breath taking! 

Friday 28th - Out Muslim Friends
Friday was fun! We dropped by these nice Muslims whom we help find their phone! They invited us in and gave me a big cup of Brine! It was pretty nasty... it tasted like someone boiled beef jerky and then gave me the water... It was nice talking to them though, and they invited us back over for authentic curry!! I hope it’s not too spicy!!!

That night we went down to Pullock for and Exchange. I took Elder Johnson home with me and Elder Clawson stayed in Pollock with Elder Roylance. Elder Roylance is a new born! It’s weird to not be the youngest in the mission anymore!

Saturday 29th - Surrounded by Crazy Drunk Women!!
Saturday was full of excitement! Saturday morning elder Johnson and I went down to the British Heart Foundation and put in some solid volunteer time begging for money! I gathered up a whopping 35 Pounds!! After BHF we went to the local Burger King! The place was super posh, but the food and rubbish! BK isn’t reppin very well in Scotland!
We did some finding and stuff then found ourselves on our way back to Pollock. When hopping on the train at Glasgow, the bus was ridiculously packed!! Every single seat was taken, and in every cart people were just shoved in and packed like sardines! Elder Johnson got a little separated from me and I found myself surrounded by about 30 drunken ladies! They saw my name, tag and went nuts!! They were all shouting "Elder Cluster" and trying to get my attention. It was so intense! They were all taking pictures with me, and starting to get a little touchy feely. I kept trying to think of an escape plan just in case one of them tried to make out with me or something! Lucky for me they got off at the very next stop, every one of them tried to give me a hug on the way out, but don’t worry, I shut them down with a solid high five! My only regret is not taking a video of all the madness!

Sunday 30th - 2 Referrals and an Amazing Sacrament Meeting
Sunday was nice; we got two referrals from the missionaries in Glasgow! It was awesome; those might just be the only referrals I have ever gotten! How exciting!! Sacrament was just great. The primary all got up and sang. It made me so happy! I couldn't stop thinking of my little “Bo on the Go!” The best part was when Saffron Higgins gave a little talk, she did great! She is so ready to be baptized; I'm way excited for her!!

Well that pretty much brings us to now! It’s going to be a great week. We have a baptism this Sunday!!! Good things are happening. Today’s p-day should be a lot of fun too. We are going to try to head down to Largs. They have a huge epic Viking festival that they do every year. Largs is packed full of cool Viking history! You should Google it sometime ;) They've also had the Kilt Games going on in Dunoon this week. It’s the biggest highland games in Scotland! People come from all over the world to compete in this bad boy!!

(Shout out to my main man Zach for being such a boss and going on a mission! sorry I couldn't make it to the farewell, but I can’t wait for the Homecoming! You're gonna baptize the world brother!!)

I love and miss you all soooooo much! Thank you for all your support, it’s made a big difference in my work and attitude!

Love, the other Elder Cluster

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