Thursday, September 17, 2015

2 weeks in 1

Hello Everyone! Sorry I wasn’t able to send out emails last week, I went crazy sending picture to mom, and it just kicked me out!! But that’s not all, when I came in this morning, it still wouldn't let me log into my account! I had to call some guy in Salt Lake, but we finally got it sorted out! Anyways, long story short, I won’t have as much time to email this week because a good chunk of my time was spent trying to get into my email! So I'm sorry to everyone whom I won’t be able to email back this week, and those I couldn’t get to last week. I will get to you next week I promise!
It’s been an epic couple of weeks, and I won't have time to go into much detail, so I’ll just dive right in and give just a couple lines of the main event of each day!

Mon Aug 31st
I had an amazing P-day down in Largs at the Viking Festival! The weather was amazing too :) It felt like a little chunk of Cali with the music and tents, I felt right at home! I also got to make some more drunk friends!! Drunks are fun when they're friendly! Before we left I had a good old chippy with a coke, and watched it rain over the clide, with the sound of Scottish folk music in the background!

Tue Sep 1st
There was a district meeting today, and I had an exchange with my buddy from the MTC Elder Tullis! He's a great guy! We got to go up and chap into the country side of my area, it was super peaceful and we got to watch the sunset over the Highlands!
Wed Sep 2nd
Elder Tullis and I went across the Ferry to Dunoon to help paint a house in Sandbank! It was a very beautiful bus ride, and Elder Tullis and I had a great conversation, and some good laughs about how we were going to hop into some kilts and explore the highlands someday! Bro Cain also took us into the pub for a chippy! The bartender is a less active, I’m thinking we'll get to visit him outside of the pub one of these days!


Thurs Sep 3rd
I really wish I had more time to tell about this story, but I’ll try to sum it up as fast as I can! It was almost as crazy as that one time we had to sleep over at Greames house because our carbon monoxide detector was going off!  So we were having dinner on the Isle of Cumbre with a member, we got dropped off back at the ferry, and when it was time to go, and right after our ride left, Elder Clawson realized he didn’t have the phone! Missionaries need their phone to survive! There’s no other way!! So we started running into the island trying to find someone that would have a phone we could use! We searched and searched but there wasn’t anyone around, after all… it is an island! We had gotten pretty far away from the ferry terminal when I realized the last ferry of the night was leaving in 19 minutes! So we forgot about the phone and sprinted out for the ferry! We barely made it in time! I can’t even imagine what we would have done if we missed that thing... I owe it all to my Cross Country Coach, Coach Geible!

Fri Sep 4th
There was a ton of travel on buses and trains today. I went on exchanges with a brand new greeny! Someone newer than myself!!! Elder Roylance J

Sat Sep 5th
Did some Service at the British Heart Foundation. Sang happy birthday to Kizzy H, and had a long walk with Greame! 

Sun Sep 6th
Sunday was pretty disappointing.... ALL of our plans fell through, including our baptism we had planned L 


Mon Sep 7th
It was a Bank Holiday in Greenock, and we couldn’t email! Pure rubbish!

Tue Sep 8th
Went to District Meeting, and I went to Irvine on Exchange with my Zone Leader Elder Mullvill!  It’s a beautiful drive through the countryside to Irvine! Irvine has a super posh flat, and an extra fancy shower!

Wed Sep 9th
We got to teach a gay man the restoration on the beach of the Clide! J

Thurs Sep 10th
Weekly Planning/My Hero Anne Harrison took us out to lunch. I love Anne. She’s the best!

Fri Sep 11th
Friday was insane!! We went down to the Kyle's of Buet to help some less actives move over to Dunoon! Two ferries and a lovely drive to the beautiful Island! Moving was rough, they had a ton of rubbish they needed moved but we gotter done! Well, almost.... we are going back to finish the job this Friday!

Sat Sep 12th
We found out that one of our investigators is related to the recent convert we happened to take with us for the lesson! There are no coincidences when doing the Lord’s work.

Sun Sep 13th
We had branch conference, and after moving mountains to make it happen our investigator Angela came!!! Happy Day! J

Mon Sep 14th
And that brings us to now!!! That’s it, I’m out of time! Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers! :)

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

"The dawn of hope and eternal promise will come to each of us, breaking the darkness of doubt and pain, if we will but join hands with God and seek the source of all light."