Monday, September 21, 2015

Feeling Blessed

It’s been another crazy week!! So much happens in just a week that I've pretty much just accepted that I won’t have time to talk about most of it... So you'll just have to use your imagination!!

9-14 Not my best P-day...
I ended up losing 40 minutes of my email time talking to some dude named Morgan in Salt Lake to get my email account up and going again!

9-15 Exchanges with Elder Tarbet
Pretty normal day for the most part! I had a nice exchange with Elder Tarbet in Greenock. We visited this less active named Linda Miciver who is apparently related to Elder Tarbet! It was like one big family reunion!! And then there was me... We did a lot of finding, and finished the night off with a lesson with Greame!

9-16 District Meeting and Blitz in Pollock
We had a solid district meeting in Pollock, and then Elder Clawson and I just stayed and blitzed the area! So, pretty much just another day of finding... but this time I was finding for someone else! That area needs all the help it can get though! I got to go off with Elder Johnson, I was great fun!

What a day..... We got up extra early and took a long train ride down to Irvine for Zone Leader Conference (Because elder Clawson’s the district leader) It was good stuff, I was able to put in a lot of feedback!  We came home, did some weekly planning, and then went out for an hour of finding. Up until this point it had been a pretty boring day, when all of a sudden we see these two drunk guys heading our direction... I could tell they were drunk before they even came near, but knowing that drunks are the only ones who ever really talk to us, and feeling desperate for a conversation, we introduced ourselves. I couldn’t understand them very well, but they were talking about a murder that had happened right where we were just a month ago... I don’t really like hanging out where people have been killed, so we started to head back towards that flat. They started to walk with us, I was cool with it, and in fact I enjoy talking to impaired folk! Out of nowhere they just took off! I heard them saying something about being followed, but didn’t really pay any attention to it, (You know... because they're drunk!) But all of a sudden this car rolled up to us, and this man and women flashed police badges!!! They were undercover cops! It was awesome! They told us about the murder that happened where we were, and that they've been watching these guys... they said they were probably going to make us victims, and even went into detail about how they probably would have done it with a knife or syringe! ... Just another day in Greenock :) I know Heavenly Father watches over, and protects us daily. Feeling blessed!

9-18 Three Ferries into the Twilight Zone
I don’t even know where to start... the 18th was something else! First we went down to Wimsbay, on Greenock’s only double deck bus! It was my first time on a Double Decker, so I went straight to the upper level and sat right next to this old lady on the front row! We had a long talk about the Church of Scotland! We arrived at Wimsbay, and made the ferry just in time! It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful ferry! The biggest one I’ve ever seen! We took it straight to the Isle of Bute, and finished helping Anne and Andy move! When we were all packed up we took the van across to a different ferry, and over to Sandbank in Dunoon where we helped unload. After we were all finished up we went to the Cain’s and washed up! Then it was off to a Dinner appointment with a mystery man! Billy was the name! What a great guy! we came in and the first thing he told us was " This is your house " he showed us where the key was, and explained that if we ever needed any food, or just needed to crash somewhere that it was all ours... He makes a killer Mac N' Cheese too! We were late for the ferry back to Greenock, so he called us up a taxi and we were off!! The ferry ride home and super peaceful... I think I saw the stars for the first time on my mission!

9-19 No time to talk about this day, wasn’t too exciting anyway!

9-20 Gavin and bro Andrews Blessed the Sacrament for the first time!
Sunday was great! For our gospel principles class we trained bro Andrews and Gavin got to bless the sacrament! They did great! I was so excited :)

Well that’s it young chaps, I’m out of time! Thanks for all of the prayers!! The days are getting shorter and colder!

Love Elder Brycen Cluster

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