Monday, August 24, 2015

Another awesome week in Scotland!

Hello Everyone! I hope you're ready to hear about another awesome week in Scotland!

Monday ~ Half P-day and One Sketchy Neighborhood!  
Because it’s the week of transfers, we had to be done emailing and shopping by 3pm, and then it was back to work! We visited this lady we met on the street the other day; she invited us over to help her break her addiction to alcohol! Unfortunately she happens to live on the most ghetto street I’ve ever seen! We've driven passed it before on the bus and I always just thought it was abandoned, there isn’t a window in the place that’s not smashed in, dead birds on the sidewalks, barb wire on the side of the flats, and there were even trees growing through some of the windows! But the lesson still went well. It’s always a great feeling to help someone kick an addiction!

Tuesday ~ You can get a teaching appointment in Scotland! Even if they are a junky...
I woke up, and was excited to get out of bed for the first time in my life! Our Hot Waters back!! It felt amazing to have a hot shower again... The first one in three days! Today was pretty epic. We were able to set up 5 different teaching appointments, and then go on splits with the Branch pres, and his son in order to get them all done! Everyone we thought today had a pretty serious drug addiction of some kind. It's really sad to see these things controlling their lives, but I’m glad that they are looking for help and ready to make a change! 

Wednesday~ Our real P-day and Wet Largs
Today was our full p-day, it was really weird to have it on a Wednesday but I wasn't complaining! When we woke up it was BEAUTIFUL outside! I could see blue sky!!! So we decided we would go down to the isle of Cumbre and ride bikes around the Island! (It’s a big tourist thing to do) I was so stoked but when we got to Largs, it was pouring rain! Shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up I guess... Long story short we ended up just hopping from shop to shop. The highlight was when we went to this ice-cream shop It was called Nardinis, and it was amazing! Everyone calls it the best Ice-cream in Scotland! To finish off out p-day we had a long conversation with some Muslims in Pundbacket (kind of like the dollar store)


Thursday ~ 9 hours of street contacting in Glasgow
Thursday was rough... Because Elder Clawson is the new District leader he had some big training in Edinburgh. We ended up meeting another companionship in Glasgow and did an exchange. So there I was with Elder Rich in the middle of Glasgow central which is like time square in NY and probably the busiest area in Scotland at 7AM and nothing else to do but talk to people for 9 retched hours... I don’t think I’ve ever walked, or talked that much in my life. We ended up having an extremely successful day though, we placed 6 Book of Mormons, and got 3 potentials!

Friday ~ weekly planning and Dunoon
Not much to talk about for Friday, we planned for 3 hours and spent some time finding and having a coordination meeting in Dunoon.

Saturday ~ Service and Dinner with the Higgins
Saturday was awesome! We did our normal 2 hours of asking for ££ at British Heart Foundation, help some dude move stuff in this ancient dusty house, Then had a lesson with Saffron and Dinner with the Higgins! All I have to say is Kizzy and Gavin Higgins know how to make a mean roast!!!



Sunday ~ Gavin passed the Sacrament!!

Sunday was another amazing day! We did an awesome lesson in Gospel Principals, and I gave a talk in sacrament, but the highlight was watching Gavin going around with the sacrament trays for the first time! I loved every minute of it!

PS There has been a massive cruise ship right outside my flat everyday this week! Tourists are everywhere!! I even got to meet some members on vacation from Australia!

PPS Just to give you an idea on how much it actually rains here in Greenock, Greenock is the second rainiest area in all of Europe. But wait there’s more!! As of a couple weeks ago, this had been the rainiest summer Greenock has ever had. Ever! Sense the records began at least! In fact... it’s raining right now!

Thank you all for reading and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers ~ Love Elder Cluster

The American section!! 
Gavin bought me cereal! Happy Day!

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