Monday, July 27, 2015

My first Baptism!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It’s been an absolutely amazing week!! I hardly have any time to talk about it though, so this week's email is going to be cut pretty short :(

I went to the most amazing all you can eat buffet ever!!!! It’s called Casmos, they really need to got one in Utah! When we got home there were a bunch of crazy French people running around from another cruise ship! Cruise ships pretty much show up in front of my flat every day. It’s exciting! We also got to go over to the Isle of Cumbra, it was super beautiful!! The Gibson family lives out there, and has to take the ferry every week to come to church!

We went tracting in this really ghetto neighborhood. I talked to like five people, all of which brought up drugs. I started to get a really bad feeling about the place, so we decided to leave. When we were on our way out,  we ran into this lady who said she was on her way there to buy drugs, and that people in this neighborhood like to throw bricks at the missionaries heads... I'm glad we made it out of that place!

The Higgins family fed us the most amazing churros in the world!!! They were homemade with chocolate dipping sauce. Yumm…

I exchanged over to Pullock, and had my first bible bashing experience! This lady was intense! We talked to her for like an hour, it was pretty fun!

My one month anniversary! Just 23 to go! I took a ferry over to Dunoon and ate Haggis for the first time with the Cains! It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it would be... but I couldn’t get past the texture of it! Pretty much as good as ground up sheep organs and entrails could be!

Pretty much one of the greatest days of my life!! It’s driving me crazy because there is so much I want to say about it, but I’m going to get kicked off the computer any minute now! President Donaldson and his wife even came all the way down to be there! One of the best feelings in the world was to see his smiling face as he came up out of the water! I was able to share my testimony after words. The Spirit was so strong! Everything was perfect. I get the honor and confirming him this Sunday, I can’t wait!!! I just love the Higgins Family.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who's been emailing and keeping in touch with me. I’ve really felt the love of everyone back home this week and it’s been helping with my Trunkyness! 

PS It’s still raining.

Elder Brycen Cluster

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