Monday, July 6, 2015

Airport, 3 flights, & the MTC, June 25th 2015

I just arrived at the MTC here in England and they are giving us all time to send a quick email home! They even said we could take a nap later! I've only been here a half an hour and I already love it!! I'm just going to drive right in and start from the top with this email :)

The Airport: The day started out great with a good helping of jeremiahs sausage gravy biscuits! I stuffed my face till I was sick, just in case the food here was "rubbish"! Then we were off to the airport. I'm not gonna lie, the goodbyes were much harder than I thought they would be! I held it together but the hardest part was going up the escalator and watching my family slowly disappear... feeling pretty down and depressed I made my way to the gate. I was so lucky to find two elders right there, it was like they were waiting for me! Elder Tullis and Elder Searle, it didn’t take long for them to get me back on my feet! The longer we waited the more missionaries we saw, there was a HUGE group all going to Moons mission! It was so cool because every missionary you saw, it was like you were instant friends with them!

Flight #1: Salt Lake to Denver... seemed kinda like a pointless flight to me but all was well. I was making my way to my seat and found a little Chilin woman there... I tried to tell her she was in my spot, but she didn’t speak a lick of English!! So I just sat right down next to her. She seemed like the sweetest little Spanish women ever! Neither of us had any idea what the other was saying, but that didn’t stop us from talking though the whole flight! Just another miracle I suppose! Lucky for me she knew the word "selfie"

Flight #2: Denver to Newark New Jersey.... this one was pretty long and painful, probably my least favorite flight out of the three, still not much to complain about though! 

Flight#3: This one was the long haul, New Jersey to England: this plane was much nicer than the others; they had TV's, Music things, and all kinds of fun stuff I wasn’t allowed to touch! I was sitting by a British man whose wife is actually LDS! I was able to speak with him a little on the gospel, not sure if I did much good, but it was still great practice!! The take off of this flight was the best part, you could see the sunset as we flew over New York City. It was amazing! I didn’t get much sleep here... which is bad news because I pulled an all nighter getting everything ready the night before, and I arrived at the MTC around 8AM with a full day of plans! When we finally landed you could instantly feel the crazy humidity in the air! It’s not a hot humid that Braden had, it feels kind of fun and misty. I love it!! It makes me happy just to breath here! After we got all sorted out by the immigration guys we got out of the airport and loaded little bus thingy’s to go to the MTC. The drive was about 45 minutes from the airport and was freaking me out! The roads were super windy and everyone was on the wrong side of the road! Even the driver’s seat is in the wrong spot! It felt so crazy in just watching!

The MTC: WOW... we arrived at the MTC, and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! It is so green and amazing! The Temple right up the road and the MTC itself is right on the side of a pond! When we came in they gave us a little package with our name tags and some other fun stuff like a rules book and insurance stuff! They spoke to us briefly about the importance of the name tag, and let us put them on! It was soo exciting. I felt a little ripped off because mine is already a little scuffed up, but I guess that was bound to happen eventually anyway. After that, they let us loose to go about emailing, doing interviews, getting our picture taken, and sorting things out with temple clothes. I've done it all besides eat... I might miss lunch because I’m taking extra email time but that’s okay because they gave us lots of snacks when we first got here! Next I have to unpack my bags and set up my bed! And then later tonight at 6pm we have getting a talking to and receive our companions and districts! I'm excited to find out who I will get! I think I’m really going to like it here though. 

I almost forgot... They don’t do the pink sticker of shame here! Probably because there’s only ever about 40 of us. Is it weird that I’m kinda sad about that??
Another thing, the accents are hilarious!! It’s been really hard to take people serious! There are so many differences here, words mean different things and even the order in which they talk is different!

Well I'm officially the only one in the computer lab so I should probably wrap it up :( I guess everyone else is too excited to write home!! I want you to know that all is well and that I’m happy. I'm excited to learn here and can’t wait to teach in the mission field! One thing I’ve learned so far is that greeting people with a smile can make a huge difference! 

Thank you for all your love and support, hopefully I can write again soon! I love you so very much!

Love Elder Cluster

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