Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Amazing Week!!

It’s been Another Amazing week! This week flew by! I really don’t know where the time goes sometimes!

Tue 7-28-15
This was a super busy and rainy day, but also VERY successful! The day consisted of a bunch of “try byes”, but to my surprise, every single person we visited not only answered the door, but invited us in!! All together we saw 5 people, and got 4 appointments! Not to mention the two potential investigators we found while traveling!

The last person we saw was this girl named Kay. Fun Fact about Kay is that she’s an elder in the Church of Scotland, and she’s actually going to University to become a minister for her church! She was really nice and open minded. We were able to sit down and just talk about the difference between our two churches, and share our faith of Jesus Christ! Oh yeah, and her house is a massive ancient castle thing!

Wed 7-29-15
Wednesday was an adventure to say the least! We were on a bus going to “try by” the potential that lives just a little past Port Glasgow, because we knew she lived past Port Glasgow, we didn’t get off at the stop we usually do. Anyway, long story short, the stop we usually get off at was the last stop till Glasgow! We got stuck on and hour and a half bus ride that took us out of our zone!! Ugh!! It was great fun! :)

Thurs 7-30-15
Thursday was really inspirational. We caught a train down to Irvine for Zone Interview Training! It was nice to finally meet my whole zone! President really helped me learn how to rely on the spirit! After ZIT I went on an exchange with Elder Johnson to Pollock! I love Elder Johnson, but Pollock isn’t half as great as Greenock! I did get to go on splits with the Bishop there, and got visit a nice lady with 9 kids!

Fri 7-31-15
We did our whole unchanged thing in the morning, and then Elder Clawson and I took another ferry back to Dunoon to have dinner with the Cains! The Cains are amazing; Brother Cain is still as funny as ever!

Sat 8-1-15
Saturday was interesting... We went to Windsbay to drop some cookies off to Elder Clawson’s friend Frank. The night ended with a really great lesson with the Higgins! It was our first lesson with Saffron! (Gavin’s 12 year old daughter) She is sooo awesome! Just like the rest of the Higgins! The lesson was wonderful! She said she felt the spirit and she even committed to being baptized! After the lesson they had us stay for soup, because they are amazing, and never let us leave without some kind of food!

Sun 8-2-15
Sunday was definitely my favorite day of the week. The very best part, maybe even the best part of my mission so far was being able to confirm Gavin a member of the church. It was the first time ever confirming anyone so I was a little nervous, but the Lord directed me, and the spirit was incredibly strong. I feel very blessed and privileged to have been able to perform that ordinance for him.

Straight out of church we had to literally run down to the train station to catch a lift to Edinburgh!  President Donaldson was having new members and investigators from all of Scotland come down to the mission home for a big testimony meeting! The Higgins family and Greame drove down and met us there! It was such a neat and powerful experience to hear so many of the new members share their conversion stories! Of course, the Higgins story will always be my favorite!! 
Because of how long the train ride was, we didn’t end up getting back to the flat till 10:30pm (an hour past curfew!) It felt so weird to be on the street that late! But don’t worry, we had permission from President! 

Thanks for reading my emails everyone! Hope everything is going well back home! Enjoy the sunshine because I haven’t seen any yet! ;) (It literally didn't stop raining once yesterday) Fun Fact, I’ve been able to see my breath outside almost every day since I arrived in Greenock!


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