Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just Another Week In Paradise. I Mean Paisley...

 It’s been another action packed week in the Paisley Zone! There's no time to kill, so lets dive right in! 

Sept. 12th
P-day, we planned to go on some epic wilderness adventures, but ended up just eating a ridiculous amount of food and taking a nap instead... So worth it! Today for P-day we will either go to Glasgow or to the Isle of Aaron to scale some beastly mountains! After P-day we had a really great family home evening with some recent converts. 
Sept. 13th
Tuesday morning we had district meeting in Greenock! On the way over, our Satnav took us on a sketchy dirt road into the middle of nowhere that just lead us to a field of sheep. After about an hour we finally got back on track and made it to my sweet birth place of Greenock. That place is still exactly the same, it felt like coming home! Sadly it wasn't long lived, and soon enough we found ourselves back in Irvine on exchanges with the Pollock Elders. I was with Elder Smith for the day. Elder Smith and I found two new investigators and taught them on the spot! One of them had recently lost her Grandpa and felt the spirit so strong she ended up crying most of the lesson. We finished the night off strong with Pizza at Nicola's home!

 Sept. 14th
Today we taught a lady who ended up being pretty drunk. This woman has had one of the most messed up lives I've heard of! She married a 54 year old man when she was just 18 and a the man who at one time was with her Aunt, her Grandma, and her Mom. And that’s just scratching the surface! It was a real eye opener to me, and helped me to remember just how blessed I am to have such a perfect and caring family! 

Sept. 15th
The main event of Thursday was our second lesson with Amy. She just understands the gospel so easily. All we have to do is show up and she figures things out for herself as the spirit teaches. #KingdomBuilder 

Sept. 16th
Today Elder Wilson and I were on exchanges with the Assistants in Edinburgh. I spent the day with good old Elder Crowe from the boy band Beyond 5! He's a good man. We had loads of fun strolling around town and a getting everyone we talked to excited for baptism! We also got to visit my good friend Anne who had us all over for dinner! She told me that she’s going back to Utah in November and is planning to spend  time with my family again!
Sept. 17th
Saturday started with a long drive back to Irvine. When we finally got home we tried to catch up with some finding, and found ourselves teaching an atheist. Atheists are all pretty crazy but this one was especially bonkers! I'm sure she knows we're right deep down inside though! 

Sept. 18th
Sunday was especially rainy, and sadly none of our investigators were able to make it to church. Pray for them, they all NEED to be there for the rest of their lives starting next week! One of the best parts about today was teaching Margret. She is making some major changes in her life and seems to finally be ready to start progressing towards baptism. What a champion!

That about sums it up, all in all I am just grateful to be here. I’m having so many amazing life changing experiences! Helping others to feel a pure love of Christ is pretty much the most rewarding thing of all time. Thank you so much for your love and support. Thank you for your prayers! They are heard and make such a big difference.

Love you all!
-Elder Cluster 

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  1. Well done Elder C!!! Thank you for sending such great pictures and wise words. We are cheering/praying for you. :)
    ~Karen (Calgary friend of your mom's)