Monday, September 12, 2016

Raining Down Blessings!

This week was absolutely wild! And wet... VERY WET! Sounds like a normal week in the Scotland/Ireland Mission eh? Let me throw some of the highlights at you!
Sep 5th
Elder Wilson and I had an epic P-day walking around a sweet place called Englenton Park and posing like models inside castles and majestic wooden glens! In the afternoon we taught a couple of solid lessons, one was with our Norse Pagan friend. After talking to her all I could ask myself was "And people think Mormon's have weird beliefs!?" 

Sep 6th
Tuesday was filled with loads of success! We started the day in Ayr for a Stranraer district meeting, then took the Stranrear Elders back to Irvine with us for an exchange. I spent the day with an English man name Elder Sheppard. We bought some flowers and used them to speak to people on the street! Between us and the other two we got a total of 5 new investigators! We also saw someone get hit by a car right in front of our flat, and had a dinner appointment at an Indian member’s home. I’m still not sure what they fed us, but it was the hottest stuff I have ever put in my mouth in my life. Ha!

Sep 7th 
Today we helped an old Lady move, and found a new super solid investigator named Marlene! She has a Christian background and has been looking for a church to go to... Miracle!! We had a super spiritual lesson with her on the spot. I'm convinced she will be our next baptism! 

Sep 8th
Today we taught John about tithing; he took it straight on board and is planning on doing a fast soon to help him get an answer about the church! He is a definite champ. Another highlight was our dinner appointment with old man George. He's gotta be one of the funniest old fella's in Scotland! 

Sep 9th
Today it rained all day and nearly every single appointment cancelled. All but one...this place was literally the grossest place I have ever seen/stepped foot in, in my entire life. I couldn't even breathe. There are no words to even describe the things we saw that day. But... he is still a Child of God and the Gospel will change his life!
Sep 10th
Today we taught Marlene again! We shared the Restoration message with a focus on priesthood authority. It went beautifully and she committed to pray about everything we shared. She said if she got an answer she would love to be baptized and is now working towards October 1st!
Sep 11th 
Church is always good; unfortunately Marlene was unable to make it due to babysitting. However we did have a really great family come with her nonmember children. We have been working with them a little while now, and they too should be getting baptized soon! Apart from that, Sunday consisted of a lot of running around. We made the most of it though! 

Well hey, thanks for reading this!! I'm going to go do some cleaning then go on an adventure... Love you all!!
Elder Cluster 

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