Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Two Weeks of Finding, Teaching, And Baptizing

Hello everyone!! I'll apologize for not being able to send a big email last week as we had some running around we had to do last minute. I'll try my hardest to fit in the excitement of the main events we had within these past two week with the little time we've got left! 

 As for last week, pretty much every day was a new adventure! Because of time I’ll just share a bit of the experience we had with Nicola's baptism on Saturday and her Confirmation on Sunday. Nicola is a complete Champion! She was so ready for the gospel, and being able to watch her prepare and make these sacred covenants with the Lords was a huge blessing to me. Her baptism was absolutely perfect. I wish you could have seen the smile of her face as she came up out of the water... Nicola asked me to confirm her the following day in Sacrament Meeting. That was a massive spiritual experience for the both of us! I know that the blessing I said was coming straight from Heavenly Father. When I finished the blessing I opened my eyes and was literally so confused because I had completely forgotten where I was! I don't remember hearing a single sound during that blessing; it was like it was just us and Heavenly Father in our own little world! What a blessing. 

Time is dwindling fast and we have to get back to the flat so some guy can fix a window.... I'll fit as much of this week as I possibly can in the 4 minutes! P-day, P-day was FANTASTIC!! Elder Wilson and I played some Putt Putt at the park, got some fish and chips, and then chased sheep around for two hours and made an amazing video to welcome in the new missionaries into the Zone! I felt so free leaping through the green fields with the fuzzy sheep and my South African Friend!  

On Tuesday we had a massive Zone conference in Paisley, it was sweet and inspiring! Wednesday we were in this homeless shelter teaching our investigator  (Who had a date to be baptized) and only five minutes into the lesson the police walked in and told him that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Then they cuffed him and took him away... We were just sitting there awkwardly. What the junk??

And that’s us out of time!! You'll just have to trust me that the rest of the week was just as exciting!!

Love you all!!!

-Elder Cluster 

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