Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Because I Have Been Given Much I Too Must Give

Hello friends and family! We're back, and a day late due to another British Bank Holiday. I hope it allowed the suspense to build because I’ve got an exciting one for ya! 

Apr. 25th
P-day was fantastic this week! We started it off right with a pancake party at the Mcleans. It was a little piece of heaven! They don't know how to make, or even eat pancakes here for that matter, but Nancy made me proud! Later on we had some fun in a wee town called Port Patrick. It was nice to relax and mess around the beach, and one of Donald Trump’s mansions! We also had some crazy winds that practically blew us to our next appointment with a less active. 

Apr. 26th
Bright and early Tuesday morning we traveled to Ayr for District Meeting, we had the zone leaders join us this week! The spirit was mighty as we discussed the different aspects of conversion. After DM we traveled up to Irvine for a Blitz/ exchange with the ZL's I spent the day with Elder Martin. The best part of the day was when I got to conduct my first Baptismal Interview with a little girl named Hanna. Only a few weeks earlier her Mum had been baptized, and a few months before that it was her Sister. It was really exciting; I remember teaching her sister on exchange a couple months ago! 

Apr. 27th
On Wednesday we drove home from Irvine bright and early, then did some service gardening for a member. It felt nice to get into some real clothes and into the sunshine, or what little sunshine you can get in Scotland. I got to dig out a stump with a pick ax! They also had us over for Mince and Tatties. Later on we chapped a whole village!

Apr. 28th
Today we had two appointments cancel, but it was okay because we also had two great ones that held! The first was with Campbell, we had dinner with him at a members home and then taught about scripture study and keeping the Sabbath day holy. After that we taught our Czech friend about how Jesus is always there for us and is always our friend. He gets lonely being so far away from him home and family but I know this lesson helped him. 

Apr. 29th
Today started off great and ended pretty rough. First we had a lesson with Kevin and put a huge emphasis on church, next we had some delicious burgers at a less actives home. After the meal we had a very spiritual lesson with her about the sacrament. I felt the spirit bearing witness to her; she is doing great and is right on her way to reactivation! Now this is where thing went down hill... We go to one of our investigators for our appointment and right away they apologize because they had some friends show up, but invited us in for the lesson anyway. So I'm thinking "Sweet, referrals!" But nope, as soon as we walk in a heavy fog of weed hits us and we notice a massive box of beer. Our investigator is totally drunk and the other guys are high. They kept trying to insist on having us watch this movie but I pretended we had something come up on the phone and got out of there. To finish of the night we found out that our other two investigators are probably moving, and Vicky might be leaving to Falkirk! What are the odds eh? We're staying positive though, they're not out of here yet!

Apr. 30
Today I happened to run into this Scottish Paletiton on the street! I tried to stop her but she wasn't having it, her body guards didn't seem too happy about it either... I'm still trying to figure out what the junk she was doing in Stranraer though! Today we also had a lovely Picnic by a loch out by the village where Kevin lives, and later on I endured some weird Czech Republic food Martin made us!

May 1st
I'm not gonna lie, Sunday was pretty disappointing. None of our investigators came to church! Not only that but all of their phones happened to die! Those little fetchers. Testimony meeting was amazing though, it would have helped Kevin and Campbell so much. Besides church we were pretty much just knocking on doors the rest of the day. Chapped this really angry naked man who was yelling for the police! That was fun! 

I know that mission is full of ups and downs but that’s something you have to learn to love. It was never easy for the savor, and to be honest I hope it’s never completely easy for me either. I know that no matter where we go, he's been there and can help us through it. 

That’s another week in Stranraer, over and out!            

Love, Elder Cluster

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