Monday, April 25, 2016

What Lack I Yet?


We've got another action packed, spiritual, and adventurous week on our hands. So sit tight and buckle up… let’s go!

Apr. 18th
This was one of the best P-day's I've had in a while! The best part was teaching Campbell the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was super strong and I know that deep down insides he knows that what we share is true. Today we also found and had some fun on a sandy beach and went for a nice walk with our friend Martine!

Apr. 19th
This morning I had my very first District Meeting as a District Leader! We focused on personal sanctification and teaching repentance to our investigators, what an important point for us all to understand! I know I had the Lord helping me out. After District meeting I found the funniest note on our car windshield "666 Stop parking here or in the name of Satan you will burn in hell for all eternity" I laughed so hard, it’s pretty weird but It actually made my day!

Apr. 20th
We had another lesson with Campbell today; it was a pretty discouraging one. He's starting to second guess a lot of stuff and doesn't want to see us as much. After talking with him awhile he said it was alright if we still saw him every now and then, and that he would still come to church. I know he's ready; we'll just have to be patient!

Apr. 21st
Today was interesting... In the morning we had a lesson with Kevin, but there was one problem. It’s the Queens 90th Birthday and Kevin wouldn’t turn off the TV! I've never seen someone so distracted! I don't get why people are so entertained by watching this old lady walk around shaking peoples hands... I guess that's pretty exciting stuff for Great Brittan though. We also had a great DA of Fish N' Tatties at the branch presidents house!

Apr. 22nd
Today we had lots of finding! It wasn’t so bad, it was actually pretty warm! I got to wear a short sleeve shirt for the 2nd time on my mission! It was quite the mile stone for me. We also got some weekly planning done (outside on the balcony) and went to Stranraers youth activity.

Apr. 23rd
We had another lesson with Kevin today, It was much better than the last! We also did some fun service and helped him hang wall paper. Later on we started the Stop Smoking Program with Campbell, visited our Baptist friend Arthur, and had a stellar curry at the Mcgillvary's. To finish of the night we had a short stay with a less active in Port William who had a couple English friends over. Those accents.... just a few miles down and you get that!? I never thought I'd be grateful for the Scottish accents, but there ya go.

Apr. 24th
Sunday Fun Day! We didn't have as many friends join us today at church as I had hoped, but we did have Campbell and Vicky and those are the two whom I think needed it most, so I was happy. I also got to teach the Priesthood lesson and Gospel Principals. Besides church we filled the day with finding and try by's. I got to finish the night by planning Tuesday's District Meeting, I'm excited for that! 

I'm so grateful for the all the opportunities I've had to learn and grow this week! In such a short period of time I've become significantly more independent in the work, and dependent on the Lord and the promptings of the spirit. I've learnt that as we ask ourselves "What Lack I Yet" It’s not hard to find a whole list of improvement we can make, and things we can do to shorten our distance from our Heavenly Father. Please keep praying for us.
Love you all!
Elder Cluster

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