Monday, April 11, 2016

District Leader??

Friends and family, what a week it’s been! The Lord has new and exciting blessings in store for me, my companion, and our investigators!

Apr 4th
Today we got rained on... a lot... We helped Kevin put up loads of wall paper, rode some busses, and played the guitar.

Apr 5th
On Tuesday we were up extra early and took a train to Ayr for District meeting. It was a really good one; we had the Zone Leaders down for some special instruction and everything! We learned and practiced how to extend the baptismal invitations during different points of the Restoration lesson; I'm excited to try it out! After DM we went to Kilmarnock to pick up a members phone from a hospital, I'm still kinda confused why... When we got home to Stranraer we had quite the experience with an investigator. The guy had us in, and we saw all these empty bottles of vodka. He was drunk out of his mind and was yelling at us to get an ambulance because his liver was going to explode. So he calls 999 (911) and gives me the phone, I tried to explain what was going on but the lady just said she couldn't help! We ended up getting him to let us say a prayer, after that he calmed down a little and we were able to sneak out the door with the promise that we would go to the hospital and get an ambulance over. We went to the hospital and did our best but they couldn't help so we just went home and said a prayer for him. The next morning was pretty suspenseful but we found out he is still alive, so all is well. Let me tell ya, its hard communicating with a drunk, frustrated, and violent man!  

Apr. 6th
Today we had another lovely lesson with Kevin; we focused on the Book of Mormon and coming to church. Another main event today was getting a chippy with a recent convert, and then we chapped in the rain till it was time for bed.

Apr. 7th
Not much to talk about for Thursday, We did lots of try by's, chapping, and weekly planed.

Apr. 8th
We got the car back!! Oh how I missed that beautiful silver Mariva. We had a nice lesson with our drunken friend today, we taught him about the addiction recovery program, and this time we brought our Branch President along just to be safe!
Apr. 9th
Saturday morning was great, More Scottish breakfast roles! And a spiritual less active lesson of course. We had more finding time and then finished the night off strong with the Branch Presidents family; they had us over for his birthday dinner! It was a lot of fun, we had yummy Chinese! I got some crispy beef with honey and chili thingmes!

Apr. 10th
Sunday was out of this world! I always get pretty anxious on the day of Moves Call but when we got to church I was able to get my mind off of it right away. Four of our friends managed to make it!! That means over 1/3 of the congregation was our investigators, what a blessing!! But it doesn't stop there; we had one of the most spiritual testimony meetings you can imagine! My favorite part was when our friend Campbell got up and bore his testimony. The spirit was so strong, and that was his first time at church! Time is running low so I will quickly give you the moves call. Elder Hoppe is off to Ireland and I will be the new District Leader. My new companion will be Elder Wilkins. I didn't see that one coming! The other areas in the district are also being white washed, a fresh new start!

Thank you so much for your prayers, especially the ones for our investigators! Please include the new missionaries in the district. Good things are happening in Stranraer!

Love you all
Elder Cluster

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