Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfers, A New Companion, and Adventures in Glasgow

This week has been absolutely mad!! So much has happened with so many blessings and lessons along the way!

Apr. 11th
Not the most exciting P-day I've had, but it was nice and busy so I have no complaints! The day consisted of lots of goodbyes for Elder Hoppe, a wonderful lesson with Kevin, and helping Elder Hoppe pack everything up into his two little suitcases!

Apr. 12th
The alarm sounded at 5AM and the chaos of moves day had begun. It was a long and hectic drive down to Glasgow in thick traffic praying that we would make Elder Hoppes bus on time, It was a close call but our prayers were answered. The traffic began to break up and we arrived safe and sound. I was sad to see Elder Hoppe go so soon, along with many other friends begin their journey across the Irish Seas. I know I will see them all again soon! I was able to spend a good chunk of time exploring around Glasgow in between moving missionaries and luggage. My two favorite places we got to visit was this huge tower with a fun spiral staircase, and this massive, ancient cathedral! At 4:30PM I picked up my new companion Elder Wilson along with some Elders that will be serving in Greenock and traveled down to Pollock. I dropped the Greenock Elders off there and we made our way back up to Paisley where we got to do some finding and spend the night.

Apr. 13th
Wednesday was another 5AM alarm, this time with a drive back to Pollock to drop of my companion and to pick up an Elder Swartz to drive all the way to Edinburgh for a New Leadership Training. The drive was long and painful, but the conference was legit! I feel much more capable of this district leader stuff now! On the way back to Pollock we had some weird error codes come up on the car... seeing as we don't have a garage with our insurance anywhere near Stranraer we were forced to spend another night in Pollock.

Apr. 14th
We made it way down to a garage that could fix us up. We were there at 8am sharp so we could get our car sorted and make our way back home. unfortunately nobody had the part we needed changed...It took a couple hours for them to get a hold of it and  everything sorted, so we had some solid finding time in Pollock. I was very grateful to get it all out of the way and have a nice safe journey back home. After we got Elder Wilson’s bags to the flat we were able to get out and do some real work! We had a couple great lessons, one with Vicky who we hadn't seen in ages. She's doing well but it’s going to be a longer process with her than we originally thought... I know she'll get there someday though!

Apr. 15th
Today consisted of coordination meeting, weekly planning, and a grand lesson with our Baptist friend Arthur.

Apr. 16th
On Saturday we taught Kevin Obedience, The Law of the Land, and Missionary Work! We also saw our friends Martin and Campbell, and invited everyone and their dogs to church! Our lesson with Campbell was my personal favorite; we got to teach him the Word of Wisdom and committed him to be baptized on the 7th of May!

Apr. 17th
Our friends Campbell, Martine, and Zach all joined us at church today. We had a great service, Elder Wilson and I got to do the Gospel Principles Lesson, Priesthood Lesson, and Bless/ Pass the Sacrament! To top it all off we had a rockin' Munch and Mingle! Later on we visited our new friends James and Amy, and then ended the night with a wonderful dinner at the McLeans!

There ya have it folks! Before I let you go I want to share my testimony of Gods Plan of Happiness. All but 30 minutes ago we taught this lesson to a 16 year old boy who lost him mum a year ago, and is now living in a homeless shelter. I know with all my heart that he will live with him mother again, in eternal happiness. I know that through Gods great plan of redemption I will spend all eternity with mine too.

Love, Elder Cluster  

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