Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference Baby!!!

Hello everyone... it’s been an awesome week! From Baptist church's, to sleepovers in Paisley. I soaked up every minute of it!

9-28 - We had our first lesson with Gemma! Remember, the one I mentioned at the end of last week? It was amazing, but there's a bit of a plot twist... We had it in a Baptist Church cafe in Dunoon... I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty concerned when I realized where she wanted to meet us, but we went for it anyway. Regardless, the spirit was so powerful! I've got some pretty high hopes for this one! We are meeting her again tomorrow, this time in our church! So please be praying for us!   Oh yeah, and I had some killer hot chocolate!

Not really all that eventful... Mostly just chapping doors. One of the members saw us on the street, so he picked us up and we went home teaching with him for a while, that was fun!

9-30Today was crazy fun!! Because it was the week of moves our P-day was today (Wednesday) when I looked out the window this morning I couldn’t see more than a couple yards past our flat! So much fog!!! I loved it! We spent our day along the shores and beaches of Largs... I feel so blessed to live so close to the water. It helped me to clear my mind, and think of the miracles the lord freely gives us every day. All the ones we normally just take for granted and often look past.

More chapping....  I got Burger King!

We did more yard work at that sister's house, I destroyed another bush!! Fun stuff.... Later we took the ferry over to Dunoon and had coordination meeting with bro Cain. I also found out about the lives lost in Oregon. We all need to remember to pray for those families.

Begged for money at the British Heart Foundation... Then went down to Paisley and watched conference!! Conference is amazing, and you get so much more out of it as a missionary. The spirit testified the truthfulness to my heart with every word spoken. That night we got kebabs and spent the night with the Paisley Elders! 

More Conference!! I feel so spiritually exhausted and I love it! I wish I could go into detail, but my favorite talk was definitely Elder Holland’s. Because my mum's perfect. :)
In between sessions Elder Clawson and I went out chapping. Folks seem friendlier in Paisley... Then we had another sleepover!

Times up but thank you all for thinking and praying for us! God be with you till we meet again :)

I love you,
Elder Brycen Cluster

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