Monday, October 19, 2015

Scotland's about to see a whole new wrath of missionary work!!

HELLO! Dang, this week went by soo slow for some reason, but that’s okay because we got work done!! Scotland's about to see a whole new wrath of missionary work!


We had P-day with the Higgins! Gavin also drove us around to do our shopping, and went with us to the Morrison’s for the first time! I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to survive without them!

Not much happened today, mostly just loads of finding... But we did meet this hilarious man at the bus stop! He was cracking jokes about us going to chap his door, but by the end of the conversation we had a whole crowed of people practically in tears! I don't really understand why everyone thought it was so funny, but I’ll take it! I told each one of them that I was going to track them down and chap on their doors, and that they better let us in!

Zone Interview Training!!!! I saw my Mission President for like the second time in my whole mission, he's a good guy; just wish I could get to know him better! The zone gathered in Irvine and we had a giant conference “thing me”, it was loads of spiritual fun! Elder Clawson and I did a role play in for the zone, it was pretty nerve racking but I think we did great! And the best part of it all... Free KFC!!!!

More finding......... Oh yeah, and they found a bomb in Gourock! I think it was one of those submarine one's that look like a spiky balloon, ya know, like the ones on Finding Nemo! I guess it was left behind from the war, and nobody really noticed it till now... They had to evacuate people to defuse it, so that was pretty exciting.

One heck of a BLITZ in Pollock! The district plus the zone leaders spent the day in Pollock on a blitz (Finding all day) I went off with Elder Tullis and we lit the area on fire!!!!! I’ve never seen so much success in my life! All together as I group we found 27 potential investigators! But that's not all, Elder Tullis and I got let in to a guy’s house that we chapped, we taught him a lesson, and I committed him to baptism!!! #Miracle #Blessed At one point Elder Tullis and I found five potentials in 20 minutes. That’s gotta be some kind of record!!!! I finished off this awesome night by taking Elder Johnson home with me on an exchange. 

Elder Johnson and I begged for money for the British Heart Foundation, did a ton of GQing, then exchanged back to Pollock. After words Elder Clawson and I went down to Dunoon for Coordination meeting. Dang I love that place. 

Church was great; we gave a solid lesson in our Gospel Principles Class and had an amazing sacrament meeting as well! After church we tried by a potential investigator I found the other day, and guess what? She was in and was excited to see us! That doesn’t happen very often! Pray for us, we set up a lesson with her tomorrow :)

As for today we're planning on a pretty relaxed P-day, which is much needed! We also have a lesson with Gemma tonight! I’m stoked; we're going to meet with her in our church instead of the Baptist church this time!!  As far as the weather goes, we've been pretty lucky with avoiding the rain lately. It hasn't been half as bad as when I first arrived :) It's just extremely cold and dark all the time now.... Well that's it for this week :) Thank you for all your prayers, they make all the difference! 

Don't forget, Heavenly Father loves you!!!!        -Elder Brycen Cluster


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