Monday, August 10, 2015

A crazy week of Sickness, Work, Drugs, & Food! 8-10-15

It’s been a crazy week!!! And I only have fifteen minutes to try to fit it all in, so here goes nothing!!

Mon 8-3-15
I'm sickish, P-Days are always fun though, I got a Haircut!!

Tue 8-4-15
We had district meeting, and a weird exchange, where just one missionary came to work and stay with us. I was in a trio for a day!! This was probably the craziest day of my mission so far!! It started out with some disappointment because we found out that RB’s mom isn’t going to let him get baptized :( But my mind was taken away from that pretty fast when we went to “try by” this guy who had just gotten out of prison! He said he wanted to hear a bible story and seeing as we don’t get many teaching appointments we hopped right on it!
We showed up at this flat and he invited us in, and he had us take a seat right away... Then I turn around and there he was with a syringe of Heroine!! He stuck that sucker in his wrist and shot up right in front of our eyes! It was insane! The guys started shaking then said "sorry just wanted to get myself sorted out before we got into anything!" It’s so sad that he’s gotten to the point that he can’t function without it. Oh yeah, and there was dirty needles, more Heroine, and Cocaine on the table in front of us! His pant kept falling down too... I ended up seeing this dude butt like three times! It was nasty!!! We ended up giving him a blessing. He really needed it. It’s terrible how drugs control a lot of people here... After the blessing we booked it out of there as fast as we could!!

Next it was off to Brewers Fair for dinner with Anne! I got a Full Rack of Ribs! It was true happiness.... But the fun wasn’t over after the ribs; Anne had a package from my mom for me! It was a Greenie Care Package!! She fit everything in there! You name it! It was there, and it was green! It was a very memorable day! 

Wed 8-5-15
I was feeling even sicker today, but we got to work. We started Angela on a smoking recovery program! Later we met with another Angela with Bro Cain and committed her to be baptized! Today was one of those great days where I was just happy to be a missionary and to be making a difference!

Later Brother Cain took as down to the Chippie for a couple of slices of deep fried and battered Pizza!!! Wow what an experience! Why don’t we do this in America!?!?!

Thurs 8-6-15
I was deathly ill and forbidden to leave the flat from my branch president. Here are some pictures of my flat. (Sorry it's kind of messy)

My bed is on the right

The view from my window


Fri 8-7-15
We went to Dunoon for coordination meeting, and it was stunning!! I love those ferry rides! I got to watch the sunset over the Highlands on the way back! It was breathtaking!

Sat 8-8-15
Donated some time at the British Heart Foundation and saw a lot of cross dressed men.

Sun 8-9-15
Our investigators didn’t come to church, and I wanted to cry!


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