Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Week and a Moves Call Surprise!

Easter week has been a great! I totally forgot how “Catholic” the Republic of Ireland was until this week! 

First things first, P-day on Monday was a blast! We went on this beautiful hike with most of the Zone to this place in Bray called Glendalough. The trail lead us up to this amazing lake where we played some hard core ultimate Frisbee! We stayed the night in Dublin so that on Tuesday we could have District meeting around all the other missionaries, it was a blast to just be around some good old friends again! After DM we traveled back to Mullingar with the Sligo Elders and I went on Exchanges with Elder Blettenberg. It was his very last exchange before he left for home. (In fact, he'll be on a plane right now!) Elder Blettenberg is actually in my group but his visa expired so he had to go home a transfer early. He was the first missionary I met. I remember feeling sad as I was going up the escalator after just saying goodbye to my family, but I felt so relieved when I got to the top and saw Elder Blettenberg and Elder Tullis waiting to catch the same plane.  It was sad to watch him go.

Later through the week I got really sick and had to slow down a little, which was really frustrating! Then on Friday (Good Friday) we had lots of good conversations with Catholics about Easter, they honor the whole week for Easter, not just the Sunday. It’s  great! 

Saturday we found ourselves back in Dublin on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Woodfield, We had a lot of fun and did lots of solid work! I taught a Mexican!!! That was exciting for me considering I’ve only met two on my mission. I miss Mexicans and their food. 

We also got to attend a baptism; you’ll never find a trunky missionary at a baptism! And to finish off our night we got moves call. To my great surprise the call came from the mission home... (This means that someone is getting transferred.) And as even more of a surprise the call came that I was the one getting moved! To whitewash an area in Dublin nonetheless!  Elder Summersgill will be holding down the fort here in Mullingar. I'll be honest, I’m way sad that I won't get to finish training Elder Summersgill and I’m really going to miss the members here. They are complete legends and I hated saying goodbye to them on Sunday, but this moves call was also an answer to my prayers in some ways. I've been praying to be able to give my everything for my last transfer and to work as hard as possible, and by whitewashing an area and starting from scratch there will be plenty of hard tiring days with long finding hours ahead of me! 

Easter Sunday was wonderful, apart from all the sad goodbyes and the Easter Bunny forgetting my basket again... I loved reflecting on the Savior on this special day. He truly made a great and everlasting sacrifice for each of us, that we may find eternal peace and return to the presence of our loving heavenly father.  

 “He was the world’s greatest conqueror, yet He ruled no nations, led no armies, never raised a sword. Took no spoils. His only crown was made of thorns. He won victories, no one else could. He defeated death. He conquered sin and offers peace to all who follow Him. He can calm troubled seas and troubled souls. He can heal broken lives and broken bonds. He can turn water into wine and heartache into hope. He lived, died and lived again, so we will all live again. His resurrection brings us peace, now and forever. He is Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace”

I am so very grateful for each of you, thank you for your friendship and your love, your encouragement and your prayers.

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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