Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Travel, Training, and St. Patrick's Day!

I'm afraid this Email is going to be a super short one because I ran out of time again! This week was completely wild; I’ll just throw in some of the most important bits. 

On Monday I took a plane from Dublin to Edinburgh. I kinda forgot how airports work and almost missed my plane.... but did some praying and God saved my bacon! It was a small plane but I loved it! The landing was pretty scary though, I thought I was about to die for a minute the way this pilot put her down! 

I spent the night in Edinburgh, and then after a few training meetings I got my son Elder Summersgill!! He is a complete Champ from the London England! I'm stoked to be serving with him and know we will do some solid work and learning together! 

Wednesday was a full long day of traveling... The ferry back over to Ireland was the only fun part; the rest was just painfully long bus rides. We missed one bus and ended up stranded in Belfast Northern Ireland for a while, so when we finally got to Dublin we had to spend the night. We didn't get back to our flat till Thursday morning! 

Friday was a blast! Everyone goes buck wild in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day! The only thing that matters to anyone on St. Patrick’s Day over here is long parades full of patriotic Irish farmers, and lots and lots of beer. I love watching drunks! Especially ones with deep Irish accents, it could entertain me for days! Seeing throw up all over the streets the morning after was a little less fun... All in all it was a fantastic week!  Oh yeah, and I met my all time favorite Irish Goat! I named him Paddy :)

Enjoy this motivational quote from my mission president :)

“A goal without a plan is like fish without chips”. If you want to be a successful missionary, you cannot wander through each day of your mission without holding yourself accountable to a reasonable set of goals, and with a plan on how to achieve them. If we are not very careful we might idle away precious hours. “Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now”. I understand that each of us are keen to please those that lead us. So, it is not unusual when you report to me or another leader to give a little fluff, when you hold yourself accountable however, we get honest results. The honest result being the salvation of a human soul.”  

Love you!! 

-Elder Brycen Cluster

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