Monday, January 30, 2017

Ask of God

Friends and Family!!! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve sent one of these big emails out! I've been so busy teaching repentance, and going on epic wilderness adventures that it has been hard to fit in! My Mum gave me a speech about how people still need to know I'm alive and want to hear about my life and stuff though, so here we are! I'll try my best to fill you in on some of the good times Elder Schmidt and I have had the last couple weeks. 

First off, Ireland is an amazing place and I love it. There really are a hundred shades of Green over here! The accent is a lot of fun, and I can finally understand most people so that is exciting too. It’s honestly like a whole different mission over here. One thing that is the same as Scotland is that fact that there are still sheep EVERYWHERE. I'm super happy about that!! Looking at all of those fuzzy little guys brightens any day! We also get a bit more sunshine in these parts. That’s an exciting change! Within the last two P-day we have gotten to go to some pretty cool places. There is a place just outside of Mullingar called Forth Abbey. It was one epic Castle! Places like that have their own special spirit. There were ruins of a church building just up from the Abbey where Elder Schmidt and I spend a good 30 minutes singing church Hymns.

This week we got to spend a good couple days in an area called Sligo (On exchange with 
some Elders in the District), we were lucky to get to go there for p-day, and super blessed because they have a car. We drove to some amazing places! Our first stop was to Conney Island, where when the tide is low you can dive across a nice sandy land bridge to a majestic land of old broken down houses and beautiful hidden beaches. Just like in the movie Women in Black!

Later we went on a drive/hike to a place we call the Highlands of Ireland. I had a fun time discovering waterfalls and running with the sheep.

Another HIT of this week was when we were at a member’s home. I was having a good time running around and playing with their dog. It was dark and I completely underestimated how fast this dog was. I was sprinting full speed when all of a sudden I hit the ground on the gravel, and realize I just tackled the dog down! My knee was pretty scraped up, but I was mostly just sad that I ruined my trousers and felt bad for the poor pup. I'm happy to say she shook it off a lot faster than I did though.
 All in all, the best adventure I’ve had so far in Ireland has been getting to know and teach our investigators Mark and Charlotte. Mark was supposed to get baptized last Saturday, but we found out that he has a few weeks to wait. I'm not really too bothered as long as he gets there in the end. Teaching Charlotte has been absolutely amazing! Her husband is a member and she has been to church many times, just never really had a desire to be baptized. Just this week I had such a powerful and spiritual lesson that all of us including Charlotte all left in tears. I committed her to pray about baptism and she happily accepted.

Just in closing I would like to remind you all of the love our Heavenly Father has for you. On Sunday I gave a talk in Sacrament on finding faith. As I gave my talk, I came to realize more and more that as we build our Faith we can feel God's love for us ever greater, and recognize all of His miracles in our lives. It all starts down on our knees. If you lack wisdom, ask of God. 

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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