Friday, November 25, 2016

Way Up North

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I'll start by apologizing for not being able to email the past couple of weeks. In all honesty it's probably been the craziest two weeks of my life, but I feel like I've said that a lot since I've been on my mission. I know these emails aren't what they used to be, but let me try to at least get you back on to speed on the basics!

Here is a little piece of an email I was working on two weeks ago before I ran out of time on the computers:

 It was another blessed week in the Scotland Ireland mission. Today is the day before the big moves, which means that as a zone leader today is the day that we get to sit in front of a computer for hours figuring out how to get missionaries across Scotland and Ireland from point  A to point B. Planes, Trains, Trams, Busses, and Ferries galore! Like normal we are a bit pressed for time, so let's focus on some of the miracles and main highlight again! 

On P-day we had Halloween. Halloween is a little less exciting here in Scotland, but Elder Thomson and I made the most of it, and had some good fun with the Easton girls telling Spooky Ghost stories! I also got talked into following the Scottish tradition of chowing down and candy apple. When I had just about finished it, I came across an extra crunchy bite. Soon after I found out that it was the glue that had held together the permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth... Two days later I found myself in a sketchy dentist’s office in Irvine. Let me tell ya, dentists are not held to the same quality as they are back home. They led me into a dark room all by myself where there were two young girls that looked like they should still be in High School. Needles to say, I was flippin out the whole time! My prayers were answered, and I made it out safe to be reunited with my companion.... Oh and my face is fixed so that’s cool too! November 5th was Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night, for safety President had all the missionaries in their flats early, but I was still lucky enough to be able to watch fireworks and lots of crazy drunks through my flat window! What a blessing! 

What I didn't get to mention while I was writing this email was the amazing experience our new investigator’s family had while they were in sacrament on Sunday. It was Fast and Testimony meeting, and our investigator Charlene's little boy Lee got up and said "I just want you all to know that God loves you, and if you enjoy this church I hope you come back, because I know I certainly will." What a complete champ! Now fast forward a couple weeks and they were just baptized on Saturday. I was so sad not to be there, but as long as you get there in the end it doesn't really matter right? Such a blessing!

Last week (My first week in Edinburgh) is all a bit of a blur. As most of you have probably already heard, I was in an accident. I went to Inverness to do a baptismal interview… To get there you have to go through the Highlands, and it was snowing pretty badly. We were on our way back and got into a terrible car accident. I won't get into the details, but let’s just say my companion and I shouldn't have walked away without any serious injuries. I know with out of doubt we were protected that night. What a miracle!! Thank you all for your prayers.

 Apart from that it’s just been extremely dark and cold! The Sun sets at about 3:50pm, and there is always about an inch of frost over everything! I am getting used to the Granite City of Aberdeen. It’s crazy to be in such a big place, not to mention the accents are way different. And I thought the Paisley accents were hard to understand! Give it some time and I know I will love it though. This will be a special place to spend Christmas.

I love and miss you all so much!! Eat lots of turkey for me!

Love, Elder Brycen Cluster

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