Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Three Beautiful Baptisms

Looking over this past week it was one of the busiest of my mission, teaching a total of 22 lessons and traveling all over the West Coast of Scotland. However, as I pondered over the events of this week I came to the realization that none of these things really matter compared to the miracle of conversion that has taken place in the hearts of our friends Andrea Easton, Elizabeth Easton, And Sian Bigham, and the great blessing we had to be able to witness them coming unto Christ through Baptism and Confirmation this weekend. I would like to start by saying that I know that God will always provide a way for us to fulfill our purpose. No matter where we are in our lives, God is there, and he is waiting and wanting to reach out and help each one of us.

The Lord also prepared Sian Bigham. It was a cold cloudy day, and everything seemed perfectly normal. I was on exchanges with my good friend Elder Flynn talking to good people on the streets of Irvine. We had a full day of finding and were starting to get hungry. We had a Subway staring us down enticing us with the amazing smell of a meatball subs. We resisted the heavy temptations and decided to find one last potential before giving in. A couple minutes later, there she was. We tried to stop her but all we got was "I'm in a rush, but I’ll be coming back through this way in 20 minutes and will talk to you then" Elder Flynn and I look at each other, "That  was close enough right?" So we ran into subway and enjoyed one of the best sandwiches of my life. However, I was only half way done my foot long and I see Sian walk past. With my subway in hand we ran out the door and grabbed her attention. We took a seat on the nearest bench and after saying a spirit packed prayer, we drove straight into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish you could have seen this girl's face light up when we talked about baptism! We gave her a calendar marked with a goal of baptism for October 29th. She then went away on holiday for a week and a half. We kept her in our prayers, and really prayed that she would keep in contact and meet back up with us when she returned. I was so relieved to teach her for the Second time in the chapel of our ward. When I asked to see her baptismal calendar I was shocked to see each day they had passed neatly crossed off, and "THE BIG DAY" under baptism on the 29th. From there she diligently came to church every week, and it wasn't long after that, that I met her in the baptismal fount. Sian moved only months ago from Leads England to Irvine looking for a new life, and then found herself Born Again.
I would like to thank each one of you for keeping these amazing people in your prayers. I know your prayers make such a difference. Miracles continue and the Lord always provides.


Elder Brycen Cluster

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