Monday, October 10, 2016

Blessings and Crazies!

It’s been a great week filled with Blessings and lots of Crazies! Let me give you a few of the greatest moments of my mission this week!
What Ever Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part
Oct. 3rd
Elder Thomson and I ran as fast as we could to get out ferry to go explore the Isle of Aran. We bought our ticket and then we were told that there is not only one boat and it doesn't leave till 5.45pm. We sadly walked back to the car. Next I got an awful haircut by a Turkish man who couldn't speak English; it took him half the P-day to do too! We finished P-day by doing some crazy manly workouts in the flat and then had a great family home evening with the Easton family!

Oct. 4th
Today I had a great district meeting in my home town in Greenock! It felt weird standing in the same spots as I did this time a year ago... After DM we went on exchange back in Irvine, I was with my homeboy Elder Harker. The craziest part of the day was when we were teaching out investigator Sian outside, when this crazy ball Born-Again sits down next to her and starts going buck wild saying that we are teaching her lies and that the Book of Mormon is false doctrine! Just when I was about to get up and fight the man Sian bears her testimony on the BOM being the word of God, and then she read him a scripture about baptism. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Oct. 5th
We awoke at 5AM and hit the road to Edinburgh for Mission Leadership Council dropping off the other Elders in Glasgow along the way. This was one of the greatest leadership meetings I've been too. We talked all about Faith and working with Members. The spirit taught me so much. Elder Thomson and I also did a stellar instruction on Scripture study.

Oct. 6th
My favorite part of today was when we knelt down and prayed before sharing a powerful lesson in the chapel with Sian. She's now committed to the Word of Wisdom, what a boss. The second greatest part was a baptismal interview I got to conduct in Paisley. Her name is Lindsay and she went from being a complete atheist to now being a full fledged Mormon in a matter of weeks! Her baptism was Saturday and she is now enjoying the blessing from the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Oct. 7th
Friday we were back in Edinburgh, this time on exchanges with the Assistance. I spent the day with Elder Crowe from Beyond 5! What a lad. We spent the day teaching lots of Chinese students and eating fish and chips. 

Oct. 8th
The greatest thing about Saturday was the lesson we had with Nicola at the beach. Nicola's testimony has grown so much since I first started teaching her! Her friends are awful and hate her being a part of the church, but she just sticks it to em because she won't deny the truth and is staying true to her faith! I also ate fish and chips again, for both lunch and dinner. 
Oct. 9th 
Church was absolutely incredible! We had Sian join us, she felt the spirit so strongly as all the members got up and shared their testimonies. She'll be baptized by the end of the month if it's the last thing I do!! We also spend a lot of time running all around Ayr moving a lot of old junk and trying to shut down an old missionary flat. It was good fun!

So there you go, lots of memories were made :) We are going to try once again to make it out to Aran now... So wish us luck!! 

PS. Please keep the Easton’s and Sian Bigham in your prayers.
Love, Elder Cluster

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