Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Blessing, and Little Miracles

This week as been slow and steady..... But I hear that's how you win a race, and Jonathan is getting baptized this Saturday on Aug 6th, so that's gotta be true! Through small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Dalkeith as given me a testimony of that! 

July 25th
P-day today was pretty boring again... I've really gotta figure out how out how to have some fun in this place! It was my Mums birthday today, though so that was pretty exciting to think about! After P-day we had a pretty great lesson with Josie and Jonathan. We started a non smoking program with Josie and she seems pretty stoked and committed to it. I know she can do it!

 July 26th
District Meeting was a real hit on Tuesday. We focused on teaching skills, and how to getting our investigators more involved in lessons. However bad news was on its way…  We got a phone call from Jonathan right after DM saying his bunny rabbit that he's had since he was 3 had just passed away. Poor little snowball... He asked us to come up and have a little funeral with him. Jonathan gave a great service and a beautiful prayer for the fluffy little guy. After that we had some good old chapping in the rain, followed by a lesson with Dorothy. She committed to come to church! To finish off the night, we played a good game of chair football with Jonathan and the youth! Jonathan seemed to really enjoyed it, I was thankful it helped him keep his mind off of little Snowball.

July 27th
Not too much to report on for Wednesday, the best part of the day was probably the burger I ate at our ward mission leaders house. We also did the Addiction Recovery Program, and that’s always exciting!

July 28th
Thursday started out a bit rough but had a beautiful ending! First we got stood up for an appointment with a new investigator, next we got dropped by Born-Again John because he wanted to take my shoes and socks off so he could do a "Hands on Prayer" on my feet. I told him we do things a bit different, and I think he got a little offended. What’s up with strange men wanting to mess with my feet! But let’s skip to the spiritual part of the day. We got a message from a member talking about some really serious struggles she's been going through. She invited us to share a message with her. After loads of praying I decided to teach about the Atonement out of the Gospel Principles book. As soon as she read the part about Jesus’ suffering for us in the Garden of Gethsemane she burst into tears. That was the strongest I've fest the spirit in a while! It felt amazing to be able to remind her of the sacrifice that has been made for us, and how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father.

July 29th
Today we taught Josie and Jonathan the Law of Chastity! That's always a fun one. I think it took them by surprise, but they took it all in! Apart from that, we just did more finding today. We got lost for little while, and that was fun!

July 30th
This morning we had pancakes with the Campbell family! What an awesome group! They know just how to make a missionary feel at home! They are a super big blessing! After breakfast we taught a less active about the atonement. It was a really good lesson but his Cat named Ruby kept rubbing all over me the whole time. I don't think I've ever been covered in so much cat hair in my life! We saw Jonathan again today. That was a really good experience. I got him a white shirt and tie… He was stoked! I got to teach him how to tie a tie for the first time... He was especially grateful for that. After we went through the baptismal interview with him, as far as we can tell he is good to go! Something kinda crazy happened right before our lesson was over. We heard a big bang from up stairs, so Jonathan ran up to see what happened, and his only other rabbit Lenny was laying dead in his cage!! I thought to myself "Flip, not again!!" They took this one a lot better; it was still a pretty sad time though. So yeah, we ended the night with another rabbit funeral.

July 31st
Sunday was wonderful! Jonathan and Dorothy joined us for sacrament. We arranged a lift for little old Dorothy, but the member forgot all about it. Right as sacrament was starting we hopped in a car and headed to go get her. We found her halfway to the church cruising on her walker; we gave her a ride the rest of the way up. I asked her at the end how she liked everything and she said "I won't say I enjoyed it." It’s alright because Dorothy had a stroke a while back and has trouble remembering things, so l just reminded her how great sacrament was…She'll probably be back next week. The rest of the day was filled with frustration because of the crummy Sunday bus schedule, but eventually we made it to a less actives home for a lesson with him and his son. It was a really good lesson; we were able to talk some sense into him about coming to church. His boy turns 8 this Tuesday and he wants him to be baptized so that’s pretty promising!

That was a pretty exciting week Eh? This week will be even better! Please keep Jonathan in your prayers for his baptism on Saturday! Also we have a big conference coming up on Thursday in Edinburgh. A member of the Seventy is coming to speak to us, and every missionary in Scotland will be there!

Thank you all for the Love, Support, and Prayers.

Love, Elder Cluster

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