Monday, August 22, 2016

Paisley King! Zone Leader?

It’s been an incredible week that ended with quite the surprise! Unfortunately I am particularly short on time today as I still have all of my packing to do... This week’s email is going to be sweet and to the point! :)

Aug 8th
Today I had one of the best P-days of my life! The Campbell family is amazing and took us out partying all day long! First we had a blast at the trampoline park called Rize (it is owned by a super rich member in California, so that's cool.) Next we got some party sweets from the local Tesco and played an epic game of Monopoly (I won) and we finished it all off with some fish and chips!

Aug 9th
District meeting was just grand this morning. I had a real heart to heart with all the missionaries and discussed the things we need as individuals, then as a companionship, and then as a District. My District is full of a bunch of boss's! We got rained on a lot today.... Another highlight was going to Young Mens with Jonathon, we got to teach everyone ultimate Frisbee, it got pretty intense!

Aug 10th
We re-taught Jonathon the restoration today was a new member. This kid's learning super fast, it’s so excited and rewarding to see it happen. We got fed some amazing mushroom spaghetti stuff at our ward mission leader’s house, food is always a blessing. To put a close to the night, we hosted the Addiction Recovery Program at the church. It was a good experience as always. I love being around a group of open and honest people, all trying their best to change their lives! 

Aug 11th
Today we had even more rain then on Tuesday. We got wet!! We did some work inside by doing our weekly planning and area book stuff; we also had the plumber up to fix our sink! He was an interesting guy.... The best part of today was probably a lesson we had with our recent convert named Annette. We went into detail on patience (Something everyone can work on.) We also talked about the experience Job had, and the attitude and the way we reacted to everything in life. Job is a real champ.

Aug 12th
Not really much to report on from Friday, we had a lot of lessons fall through and a lot of chapping. I did find this one funny old lady though, she believes her dog was shot in another life and got reincarnated... she'll get baptized for sure though!

Aug 13th
Saturday we had more appointments fall through and lots more finding. We ran into a lot of trouble making hooligans today.... it’s hard not to hurt people sometimes. We got some pretty great Kebabs to celebrate the upcoming transfers and anticipated moves call coming on Sunday! That's always fun, I'm still not convinced Kebabs are safe though....

Aug 14th
Sunday was definitely the craziest day of the week! Church was wonderful, we had Jonathon's Mum and Aunt join us for the full three hour block, and a linger longer! I gave a talk in Sacrament on "My Faith Hath Made Me Whole" I felt like it went really well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was great studying all the times Jesus said "Thy faith hath made thee whole" when he was going about performing miracles, and then relating that to my own life and how my faith has made me whole. I looked at the miracles God has performed in me. After church the Campbells' had us over for dinner, mash tatties and mince. You can't go wrong with mash tatties and mince. We also got our moves call while we were at the Campbell's, that was the real surprise! "Elder Crockett, you will be staying in Dalkeith, and Elder Cluster. The Lord had a new calling for you to be the Paisley Zone Leader." Flip! I don't know what's crazier, the fact that I'm going to be Zone Leader, or the fact that I'm going back to Paisley! I'm excited for it all though, Paisley is my home, and I will officially be the Paisley King! It will be hard to leave Dalkeith, I was blessed to get to know a lot of amazing people in my short time here. However I know that our friendships will last long beyond this life. I also trust that the Lord needs me back in Paisley for a reason. I’m excited to see what new experiences and blessing are in store for me there!

Please continue to pray for the investigators, members, and missionary work here in Dalkeith. You're prayers are heard and answered. They make such a huge difference here in the SIM mission!

I love and miss you all!

Love, Elder Cluster

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